Best Sociology Jobs For Your Future Success

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If you’ve been wondering what can you do with a sociology degree, this article will give you an extensive list of the best (and most surprising) sociology jobs that will pique your interest. Whether you’re thinking about getting a sociology degree, or just curious to know what is the highest paying job with a sociology degree, you’ve come to the right place.


What Is Sociology?

The sociology field studies social issues and phenomena, such as family, marriage, group interactions, gender roles, sexuality, and even criminology and social inequality. It studies social structures and the way that people interact within communities and society.


What A Sociology Major Studies

A sociology degree will focus on studying society and human interaction. This sort of study will prepare students for many possible fields, such as education, sociology research, journalism, etc.


Sociology degree students will study topics such as anthropology, psychology, philosophy, statistics, and political science, in order to research and explain human behavior and interaction in society.


Skills For A Sociology Degree

If you’re interested in getting a degree in sociology, you’ll find certain skills very helpful for both the study and careers in the sociology field.


The skills involved in sociology are research and statistics tools, communication skills, creative problem solving skills, and of course, an interest in social issues and human behavior or interaction.


15 Best Sociology Jobs

Below are 15 of the best sociology jobs that you can get with a sociology degree. Look through the list, and see if any of them pique your interest.


Included in each job description, you will also find a median annual salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


  1. Human resource manager

  • Median Annual Wage: $113,300


Although a human resource manager would not be the first job you’d think of in the sociology field, sociology graduates make great HR managers because they have a deep understanding of people and groups. HR managers may be involved in job interviewing for companies, researching and developing strategies for company efficiency and group cooperation, or even training new employees.


HR manager creates strategies and help train new employees:


  1. Market research analyst

  • Median Annual Wage: $63,120


Sociology graduates also make great market research analysts because they understand societal trends. Market research analysts help companies determine the demographic for their products or services. This position is great for someone who also has skills in mathematics, as market research analysts need to analyze economic data as well.


  1. Urban and regional planner

  • Median Annual Wage: $73,050


A bachelor’s degree in sociology can be a great first step to a career as an urban and regional planner. These planners are involved with helping communities thrive by analyzing data for land-use plans and advising public officials on them. They are also responsible for researching environmental and building regulations.


  1. Public relations specialist

  • Median Annual Wage: $60,000


A public relations specialist can be a suitable career for a sociology degree graduate because it involves understanding societal patterns and thinking. PR specialists work with companies to ensure a favorable public image, getting their product/services to the right people. This includes writing press releases or speeches for company leaders, advising companies on their brand, and maintaining a favorable brand for social media.


  1. Social and community service manager

  • Median Annual Wage: $65,320


A social and community service manager is a great fit for a sociology graduate. They take on management and supervision positions which organize community and social service programs. Depending on their position, these managers may develop social programs and events, create objectives for community service projects, and analyze the success of programs and projects.


Social and community service manager organizing a social service project:


  1. Probation officer and correctional treatment specialist

  • Median Annual Wage: $53,020


Due to the gained knowledge of criminology and human behavior, another social service job suited for sociology majors is probation officers and correctional treatment specialists. These jobs entail rehabilitating criminals, including the development of rehabilitation plans, meeting with offenders to plan rehabilitation strategies, monitor progress, and more.


  1. Social worker

  • Median Annual Wage: $49,470


The job of a social worker may be a more common direction for sociology graduates. Social workers use the knowledge and skills of a sociology major, such as creative problem-solving and communication skills. Social workers counsel individuals and help them navigate difficult life challenges. They provide one-on-one counseling, resources for difficult financial or family issues, and monitor the progress of their clients.


  1. Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselor

  • Median Annual Wage: $53,020


This social service position is another no-brainer for a sociology graduate. Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors help individuals manage and cope with alcohol and drug addiction or destructive behavior and thought patterns in order to rehabilitate and live a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Guidance counselor

  • Median Annual Wage: $57,040


Guidance counselors help students in the academic environment. Whether it’s advising students on their academic or career path, helping them cope with social issues such as bullying or making connections, as well as counseling on personal issues. Guidance counselors may also help institutions facilitate group conflicts and social issues among students.


Guidance counselor helps a student navigate his academic goals:


  1. Management consultant

  • Median Annual Wage: $85,260


A management consultant will usually begin their career as a research analyst. Sociology graduates make good management consultants because they have great research skills and problem-solving skills that come in handy with business issues and management.


  1. Human resource representative

  • Median Annual Wage: $61,920


Human resource representatives, similar to the managerial position, use sociology skills such as research on human interaction, creative problem-solving skills, and communication skills. They assess the suitability of job candidates for a company, mediate conflicts in the company, and help with personal issues.


  1. Lawyer

  • Median Annual Wage: $122,960


Another surprising career that can start with a sociology degree is the field of law. Starting off with a sociology degree can give lawyers the necessary understanding of social issues which they will come face-to-face with in court, such as divorce and child custody, adoption, worker compensation, personal injury, and more. Lawyers also benefit from the research and writing skills which are accumulated during a sociology degree.


  1. Media planner

  • Median Annual Wage: $49,905


Media planners are another interesting product of sociology degrees. Media planners develop and design advertising media plans for clients and companies. This requires the understanding of human psychology as well as the ability to analyze research on trends and public preferences.


  1. Policy analyst

  • Median Annual Wage: $59,312


Policy analysts research and advise government actions according to social issues and solutions. A degree in sociology gives policy analysts deep understanding of certain social issues, social inequality, and underprivileged populations that may need assistance. They may analyze issues in education, healthcare, job industries and training, and more.


  1. Survey researcher

  • Median Annual Wage: $59,170


Survey researcher is another job which is perfectly suited for a sociology graduate. This is because sociology degrees give students skills in research and analyzing data and surveys. They research opinions and public attitudes on political and social issues, collect data, and write and present their findings to their clients.


The Bottom Line

There are many interesting sociology jobs that are perfectly suited for sociology graduates. Some of these sociology jobs may be surprising, while some may be just what you imagined a sociology degree would lead to. Either way, we hope you are inspired to start earning your degree now, so you can be one step closer to your dream job. Pursuing a short-term undergraduate certificate program can also prove to be potentially beneficial in getting started on your career-path.