23 Best Educational Podcasts: Listen And Learn


Educational podcasts are widely available for curious listeners and students. They range in every topic, from history and art, to finances and health, and are a great way to keep the mind alert and focused.


The best educational podcasts are the ones that will keep you coming back for more, and that quench your thirst for interesting knowledge and topics. Have a look at our list of best educational podcasts on topics of history, self-improvement, finances, careers, science and technology, and a little bit of everything under the sun.



What Is An Educational Podcast?

There are many different kinds of podcasts and radio shows. While some are for news, entertainment, music, or other topics, there’s also many educational podcasts out there.


Educational podcasts are for anyone who wants to learn through audio lectures, discussion, and interviews. With the rise of interest in educational podcasts, many podcasts are also entertaining and easy listening, for the times when you’re looking to learn about an interesting topic while cleaning the house or commuting to work.



Commutes are a great time to listen to educational podcasts
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Time To Learn

Educational podcasts are a great way to keep the mind active and boost productivity. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, keeping our minds busy actually boosts concentration, focus, and motivation, just like physical activity creates more energy.


Educational podcasts are also great for people with inquisitive minds and busy schedules. Podcasts can be listened to on the go, so you don’t need to stop your day to sit down and tune in.


Lastly, educational podcasts keep you informed and curious. It allows you to delve into any topic that piques your interest; whether it’s philosophy and history, politics and science, or wellness and productivity.



How To Subscribe To A Podcast

The best way to find and subscribe to podcasts is to download a podcast app on your phone (for on-the-go listening) or laptop (for a relaxing tea-time podcast).


If you have an iPhone, you may already have the Apple Podcasts app, and if not, you can download it for free. If you have an Android, you can download the Google Play Music app or the Google Podcasts app.


For other devices, check out the podcast options on Audible, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Stitcher, or Podcast Addict.


Once you’ve found your preferred app, search for one of our recommended podcasts, click on ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Follow’ and enjoy. Check your app’s settings to determine whether episodes will be automatically downloaded, and whether you’ll receive notifications for new episodes.



Student listening to educational podcast
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23 Best Educational Podcasts

Below is a list of 23 interesting and educational podcasts to improve the way you think:



History Podcasts

1. Hardcore History


Dan Carlin’s history show has great production and research quality. Carlin’s delivery is passionate and interesting, making any historical topic, from Armageddon to World War II, a fascinating listen.



2. Encyclopedia Womannica


Encyclopedia Womannica features stories about incredible women throughout history that may have gone unnoticed in the shadows. The women range from artists and poets, to scientists, mathematicians, and activists.



3. 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy


Tim Harford’s documentary series covers 50 incredible inventions, innovations, and ideas that helped shape the society and economy that we know today.



Self-Improvement Podcasts

4. The Tim Ferriss Show


Tim Ferriss interviews experts and successful performers in order to analyze their routines and give helpful advice, tools, and tactics for creating efficient and healthy routines.



5. Revolution Health Radio


Functional medicine and ancestral health expert, Chris Kesser, hosts a health show based on practical advice, disease prevention, and healthy living.



6. On Being


Krista Tippet converses with great thinkers, artists, spiritual leaders, and activists, on topics about life and humanity. Guests such as Brene Brown and Alain de Botton talk about love, relationships, and other big life questions worth pondering.



7. The College Info Geek Podcast


The College Info Geek Podcast is a show geared toward students and improving your studies and every other area of your lives. The episodes are focused on improving productivity, efficient studying, and entering the job sphere for students.



8. You Are Not So Smart


You Are Not So Smart explores commonly misunderstood topics in human experience, such as irrationality and overconfidence, in order to improve learning and well-being.



Financial Podcasts

9. Listen Money Matters


This podcast focuses on important and practical financial topics such as student loans, avoiding debt, buying a house, and becoming financially free.



10. Money For The Rest Of Us


This podcast is hosted by former financial manager Daniel Stein, and helps listeners manage personal finances and investment portfolios. Whether you’re still a student earning your degree, or decades deep into your career, this podcast can be helpful for anyone.



11. The Investors Podcast


The Investors Podcast interviews and analyzes billionaires in order to gain knowledge and investment lessons. This podcast is a great advancement from Listen Money Matters and Money for the Rest of Us.



Art, Culture And Society Podcasts

12. RadioLab


RadioLab is a great mixture of random topics for curious listeners. It covers topics from American culture, music, science, current events, and more. RadioLab’s diverse selection is a treasure trove for commutes and waiting rooms.



13. 99% Invisible


99% Invisible explores topics in architecture and infrastructure, cities, objects, history, and the technology that make up our societies. The reason why it’s called 99% invisible is because it involves the things that go mostly unseen and unnoticed in the structure of our society.



14. 80 Days: An Exploration Podcast


This exciting podcast allows listeners to explore the cultures around the world from the comfort of home. Discover different countries, cities, and cultures without ever getting on a plane.



Science And Technology Podcasts

15. Brain Science


With the Brain Science podcast, you can find out all about the brain and its mysterious workings. Dr. Ginger Campbell takes listeners through the ins and outs of neuroscience.



16. Discovery by BBC


Expand your mind with fascinating information about science and the world. BBC’s topics are interesting and accessible, exploring topics such as dreams, music, basic chemistry in the kitchen, and more.



17. Hackable?


Join podcast host Geoff Siskind and cybersecurity expert Bruce Snell to find out about the online world of cyberhacking and cybercrime in order to protect yourself and your privacy against hackers.



Work And Career Podcasts

18. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders


Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders is a podcast of lecture series from Stanford University on the topic of entrepreneurship with guest speakers such as Guy Kawasaki, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marissa Mayer.



19. That Creative Life


This podcast, hosted by YouTuber and entrepreneur Sara Dietschy, explores ways to balance creativity and business. Listen into conversation with artists and successful business professionals to find out how it’s done.



20. Working


Many students have a limited idea of the available careers after college. This podcast lets listeners discover the many jobs, positions, roles, and careers that you may not have known about. Not only that, but the podcast takes listeners through the daily routine of each job, so that you can fully experience it.



Random And Interesting Podcasts

21. Stuff You Should Know


Stuff You Should Know is exactly how it sounds. It explores many different topics, from science, pop culture, and history, for curious minds. Though undoubtedly educational, this one is more for entertainment.



22. TED Talks Daily


Though most people have come across TED Talks before, this podcast series puts all the talks right at your fingertips. TED Talks Daily covers every topic imaginable from the talks of professionals and influencers.



23. Philosophize This!


Philosophize This! is a great podcast for curious philosophers. In chronological and historical order, host Stephen West, introduces listeners to philosophical concepts in an easy and accessible way.



Listen to podcasts anywhere
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Still Itching To Learn?

Educational podcasts are a great way to keep the mind alert and busy outside of school and work. If your curiosity is piqued, and you’d like to continue your education by earning a degree, consider earning it online.


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Wrapping Up

Educational podcasts have a lot to offer in a myriad of topics. They are great for learning on the go, or during a busy schedule. Whether you’re interested in science, art, history, or finances, you’re bound to find the perfect podcasts for you.


The best educational podcasts are the ones that make you excited and curious, and we hope that you found your new favorite podcast on this list.




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