What Can You Do With a Degree from Colleges in Georgia?

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Thinking of studying at colleges in Georgia? Whether you are a native Georgian, or you are thinking of moving to the Peach State, Georgia can be a great place to study, with a relatively low cost of living, good weather, and great colleges. Check out our list of best colleges in Georgia right here.


What Can You Do With a Degree from Colleges in Georgia?




If you graduate from a school in Georgia, you may find that you want to stick around. And there is plenty of work in the state! Georgia has been ranked as the best state for business for six years in a row. Other great careers in Georgia are in database administration, teaching, web development, and lab technology.



How Much Money Do You Make With a Degree from Colleges in Georgia?


Getting a degree from one state or another doesn’t usually determine your salary. However, if you decide to stay in the state where you study, your physical location may come into play. Residents of Georgia make an annual salary of $59,800 on average.



Best Colleges in Georgia


Emory University


Emory University is a small, private university in downtown Atlanta. Students may choose to first get their general AA at Emory University’s Oxford College, then move into the other departments, or start right away with their focused major. Emory University is one of the top schools in the U.S., with highly regarded programs in business, medicine, and law.


Programs Offered: Graduate degrees in business, law, medicine, public health, theology, and nursing. Undergraduate degrees from the college of arts & sciences, nursing, and business.



Georgia Institute of Technology


Georgia Institute of Technology is a medium-sized college in Atlanta. It is one of the top schools in the nation, and has Division I sports teams. Georgia Tech also has campuses all over the world — in Europe, Central America, and Asia.


Programs Offered: Highly regarded programs in business and engineering. Both graduate and undergraduate degrees from the college of liberal arts, sciences, business, computing, engineering, and design.



University of Georgia


The University of Georgia was the first state-funded college in the United States. It is located in the town of Athens, which is known for being a fun and vibrant college town.


Programs Offered: Graduate and undergraduate degrees from a variety of schools and colleges including law, pharmacy, public health, social work, environment and design, forestry, and much more.



Spelman College


Spelman College is a small, private liberal arts women’s college that is considered one of the best liberal arts schools in the U.S. It is a historically black college, one of the first in the nation, and boasts an impressive list of notable alumni.


Programs Offered: B.A. and B.S. degrees in a range of arts and sciences programs.



Wesleyan College


Wesleyan College is a very small (725 students), private, women’s liberal arts college.


Programs Offered: B.A. in humanities majors, B.F.A in arts majors, or B.S. in nursing. There are three graduate programs offered: MBA, M.Ed, and M.A. in industrial-organizational psychology



Agnes Scott College


Agnes Scott College is a private, small women’s liberal arts college in the suburbs of Atlanta. Students are required to live on campus at Agnes Scott College.


Programs Offered: Undergraduate studies in liberal arts, a small number of graduate programs, and a post-baccalaureate pre-med program.



Georgia State University


Georgia State University is a large public university with several centers for research and a large Greek community.


Programs Offered: Associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, and certificates in a range of majors in business, education, health, humanities, law, political science, and STEM.



Mercer University


Mercer University is a private university with Division 1 sports teams, located one hour south of Atlanta. The university has several colleges, with business being the most popular study option.


Programs Offered: Undergraduate, graduate, online, and hybrid degree options from colleges of nursing, pharmacy, theology, business, law, liberal arts, sciences, medicine, and music.



Georgia Southern University


Georgia Southern University is a large public school located in Statesboro, GA. Offering over 141 degree programs, the school has a vast number of academic options for students.


Programs Offered: A wide variety of programs offered in both graduate and undergraduate studies. Programs are also offered online, and a teaching certification program is available.



Covenant College


Covenant College is a small, private Christian university located on top of a hill with a beautiful backdrop.


Programs Offered: Certificates and undergraduate programs in areas of art, sciences, theology, as well as pre-law and pre-medicine. Graduate degrees in education and theology.


An Alternative: Studying Online




While Georgia has a number of great schools, you may still want to consider studying online, from the comfort of your home. Studying online has so many benefits, and is an excellent choice for learners of all types.


The best part of studying online is the flexibility it affords — you can study from any place, and at any time. Recorded online lectures mean flexibility in study hours, so students can include their work schedule when planning their studies. Plus, online study is just as effective for learning as in-person study.


Studying online also saves you time. Without the hassle of commuting to classes, you are able to spend your valuable extra time working on assignments, working at your job, spending time with family, or pursuing other interests.


You are the maker of your own destiny. Studying online usually means flexibility in your program timeline. You get to decide how many classes to take per term, and how long you want to spend completing the degree. Some online students opt to work full time, taking a bit longer to finish a degree. While other students may choose to study intensively, completing their degree in less time and entering the workforce quickly after graduation.


Finally, in a technologically driven world, studying online will introduce you to many of the new technologies used today for sharing documents, writing, online calling, and more. You will leave your program with a strong handle on online communication and the latest ways to connect with people online.


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