6 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well And Boost Your Career!


Earning a degree in college isn’t the only way to invest in a successful career. There are many 6 month certificate programs that pay well in the long-run. A certificate program can teach you a specific skill for your desired job, license you for jobs, or give you a boost in your career field.


Let’s discuss some reasons why one would want to invest in a certificate program, and list some popular certificate programs that you can earn in 6 months or less.



Why Earn A Certificate?


Not everyone has the ability to invest in a four-year degree in order to get their career started. Many find that certificates are a smart way to enter into a field of their choice without spending valuable time and money on earning a degree.



Increase income


Not only do certifications open the door for specific career paths, it can also open doors for higher positions in your current career. Certifications can make you a valuable asset in your field, as well as make specialized roles available to you. This gives you a boost for higher income and career longevity.



Great for resume


Completing certificate programs can give you more skills, and show potential employers that you value the field, as well as learning skills in general.



Continued education


Certifications can be a great way to supplement a typical degree or entry-level job. It can be quite daunting to earn a degree later in life or switch career paths, so earning a certification can be a beneficial way to make big changes by starting small. 



Learn skills


Some jobs require hands-on training and skills. Vocational training through certification programs can be just what you need in order to achieve your dream job. Whether you want to be a web designer or EMT, you’ll need to learn the ropes through practical courses and certification programs.





Certification programs can be a great way to meet other professionals in your field, and create connections that can come in handy later on in your career. It can also be a great way to find like-minded people who share your interests and passions.



Top 6-Month Certificate Programs



1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)


If you’re someone who is good under pressure, and can work empathetically with people in times of distress, you may find the job of an EMT to be very rewarding. 


Getting an EMT certificate can lead to a well-paid job, as well as act as a prerequisite for related careers. EMT certification programs may become even more profitable as the job grows and becomes more competitive. 


Emergency Medical Technicians typically need a high school diploma (or equivalent), and must complete an EMT certification program, as well as other training programs such as a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course.


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2. Personal Trainer


Being a personal trainer is great if you’re passionate about physical activity and health. It can grow into a very well-paying career with lots of room for flexibility. Some personal trainers can have complete independence by taking on private clients, or they can work for an organization, gym, or fitness facility.


Personal trainers may have a background in health, nutrition, exercise science, and other related fields. Even though some personal trainers may start out earning a degree, you can also learn everything you need to know about physical fitness techniques from a certification program. Certification programs in personal training can span from three-month certification programs to six-month certification programs, and some programs can even be completed online or through a hybrid program of in-person and online training.



3. Medical Coder


Medical coders are responsible for translating and communicating medical information in the healthcare system. Unlike typical administrative positions, medical coders need to understand the unique jargon and system in medical environments. This is a great job for people who are organized, systematic, and interested in the medical field.


A medical coder learns how to type up detailed reports about medical procedures and sends out bills to insurance companies. They also learn how to use the necessary medical programs and softwares that are used for health records and databases.


A certification in medical coding is a popular and well-paying choice. In order to complete the certification process, you will need a high school diploma or the equivalent, as well as an accredited medical coding certification through the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders).



4. Firefighter


The job of a firefighter is an exciting career path that doesn’t require a degree. Previous emergency medical training (such as the EMT certification) can be helpful, but not required in order to earn a firefighter certification. 


The certification and training program put a large emphasis on physical fitness and training, as the job can be very physically demanding. Some states will require a paramedic certification and fire science training before training as a firefighter. If you receive your certification in emergency medical services beforehand, it is also possible to begin a job in that field and transition to firefighting later on. This gives you many opportunities for well-paying jobs without a college degree.



5. Physical Therapy Assistant


Physical therapy assistants work with therapists to help patients heal from injury or sickness. Assisting with physical therapy can be a rewarding job which can be reached after minimal education. It’s a great way to work in the fascinating field of health without needing to earn an extensive degree in health science or nursing. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers direct air traffic and give guidance to pilots during high stress scenarios. This is a job that requires concentration and ability to cope in high pressure situations.



6. Air Traffic Controller


The job of an air traffic controller can potentially earn a great salary, and the field is quite competitive. This means that positions usually prefer a previous work experience in the field, but the good thing is that you won’t need a degree to get started on this career path. Air traffic controllers are trained and tested by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and health, wellness, and mental stability tests. 



7. Real Estate Broker


A good real estate broker is someone who has good interpersonal skills and thrives in a flexible schedule. Real estate brokers sell houses, guide homeowners, and fill out transaction paperwork for the process of buying and selling homes.


A real estate broker license is earned by taking classes (either online or in-person) and completing the necessary testing. You do not need a degree to become a real estate broker; only a highschool diploma or the equivalent. Previous experience, of course, is always helpful, but not necessary.



8. IT Support


A support technician solves technical problems for companies and corporations, and is the perfect position for those who are technologically savvy.


IT (information technology) support seems like the kind of job where you need to earn a degree, but many build a successful career just by earning a certification and learning the necessary skills through online courses and programs.



Source: Unsplash



9. Web Designer 


Web design is a lucrative and popular job right now, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy the mixture of creativity and technology. The great thing about web design is that it’s mostly experience-based. Employers want to see quality work and experience, so it doesn’t matter if your competition is all university graduates. Web design certifications can give you the same amount of skills, experience, and knowledge to excel in this field and build a successful career.



9. HVAC Technician


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians are responsible for maintaining and fixing systems. It’s a great job for those who enjoy technology and working with their hands, and it doesn’t require a degree or extensive training. Some programs are only three months, which means that you can learn the necessary skills and then get started on an apprenticeship to learn on the job.



Wrap Up


These 6 month certificate programs that pay well are just the beginning of what is possible. There are so many amazing jobs and careers out there that can be achieved by taking courses and earning certificates.


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