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Once in a while we receive an application essay that really blows us away. Bianca Rosa from South Brazil sent us this essay about why she wants to study at UoPeople. We thought it was excellent as it really exemplifies the very essence of what UoPeople is about and why it was created. We wanted to share the letter with our readers:


Dear Admissions Department,


After doing much research about prestigious and high standard colleges that would fit my economic situation and my availability to attend classes, I am finally applying to the University of the People, basically because of its outstanding reputation among other students whose profile is similar to mine, and also the exceptional reviews of current and former students, some of them from my country. Additionally, the Business Administration Program you offer seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for.


Currently, I am working as an ESL teacher for kids, teens and adults in South Brazil, where I am from. Although it might seem like my field of work doesn’t have much to do with Business Administration itself, I do have plans of changing careers and starting my own business. Nevertheless, the city where I live is very rich in terms of job opportunities in the corporate world. That being said, holding a Business Administration degree from such a prominent university would certainly help boost my career.


I believe the University of the People is the right institution for me to pursue my college degree, mostly due to its flexibility — working full time and having other projects and family taking most of my time, attending regular school is an impossible mission. Also, its affordability makes it possible for the disadvantaged to have the opportunity of getting a degree, especially when universities in our countries are so expensive.


I also believe the University of the People is right for me due to its very interesting cross-cultural setting. Having worked and lived in the United States for two years and been exposed to dozens of different cultures, interacting with people from around the world has become one of my passions. It’s amazing how much you can learn from other people’s points of view, and how much you grow and mature when having to work and socialize cross-culturally. It is certainly a life-changing experience that ends up positively affecting your attitude toward life.


That being said, I would love to be given the opportunity of studying at a university that provides students with this very important social and developmental tool, which is practicing inter-cultural skills. In the globalized world we live in today, I can’t think of a general skill that is more important than that, and the University of the People’s graduates are undoubtedly privileged for being exposed to these skills.


Changing careers and having my own business is my long-term goal, and I would like to start by earning my Business Administration degree from the University of the People. I have attached my transcript along with its proper translation. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Bianca Rosa