An Associate’s Degree in Business Administration Boosts Career Growth


Whether you are in high school and have just started to plan out your career path, or if you wish to change job fields, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of courses you can take to achieve your career aspirations. If you have an interest in business, you should consider getting an associate’s degree in Business Administration.


There are numerous benefits to getting this degree, a superb one being that you would spend less time in school than you would for a bachelor’s degree. Getting an associate’s degree in business provides you with the necessary skills that will enable you to get jobs in various positions that would best maximize your business skills.


There’s a reason that the National Center for Education Statistics shows that Business is one of the most popular degrees for undergraduate students. If the idea of spending four or more years on a bachelor’s degree doesn’t sound so appealing, then an associate degree is an excellent alternative. So, what really is an associate degree in Business Administration?




What is an Associate Degree in Business Administration?


An associate degree in Business Administration is a degree program at the undergraduate level that only takes two years to complete. Such a degree allows graduates to start or advance their careers in the business realm and prepares them for management and administrative roles.


The coursework provided allows students to gain a comprehensive grasp of all the tools necessary, including numerous technical and interpersonal skills, to become successful managers. As this degree generally is completed quickly, it allows the students to enter the business field without unnecessary delay.




What Will You Learn in an Associate’s Degree in Business?


Students who wish to gain an associate’s degree in business must complete some general education courses in addition to gaining 27 credits of program-specific classes. These classes provide students with skills that will allow them to work different jobs in the business sector.


Students will take related classes to form a full understanding of a subject such as Principles of Accounting, Principles of Economics, and Principles of Finance. Classes that deal with people skills will also be taught, like Customer Service and Intro to Human Resource Management. Marketing skills, project management, and data analysis are also examples of the many subjects you will study if you choose to pursue an associate’s in business administration.


Still, students will not only be taught technical skills. They will also be given foundations in team-building, creative thinking, and problem-solving to ensure even better success in their field.


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What Can You Do with An Associate’s Degree in Business Administration?


Once you graduate with an associate’s in business administration, you are well on your way to gaining an excellent job that best matches your skillset. Many people become managers in the retail and sales industry while others choose to work as project assistants and support specialists. Let’s dive into the various jobs an associate degree in business administration can help you acquire.



Project manager


If you find that you have tremendous organizational skills and are a great multitasker, working as a project manager would be a fantastic job to suit your talents. With an associate’s degree in business, you will be well on your way to gaining this position. A project manager is in charge of a project from start to finish. This includes keeping track of the budget, meeting deadlines, and managing the staff working on the project. While this job is not an easy one, with an associate’s in business administration you will have the necessary tools to perform excellently.



Administrative assistant


No, an administrative assistant is not merely a secretary. With an associate’s degree in business administration, you can work for upper-level management and top executives. This job includes scheduling meetings, answering phone calls, and managing communications. Occasionally, administrative assistants will perform tasks like preparing invoices and making sure supplies are properly stocked. As with a project manager, an administrative assistant must be meticulous and very organized. Working as an administrative assistant for C-level executives can earn you more than $60,000 a year.



Store manager


We all know who is in charge when we go to the store. If we have any issues, who do we find? The store manager. Yet, a store manager does not only deal with customer concerns. Besides managing employee issues, a store manager develops employee training programs and leads the sales team. A store manager has to analyze sales and set goals accordingly. The manager also has to oversee budgets and determine how to discount prices. With an associate’s degree in business, you’ll be properly prepared to successfully run a store.



Sales manager


A student who is truly motivated to work in the sales side of the business can become a sales manager through an associate degree in business administration. A sales manager hires and trains the sales staff to ensure their top performance. This position includes working in wholesale, producing sales, or working in retail. Similar to a store manager, a sales manager sets sales goals, decides the discounted price, and addresses customer concerns regarding sales. In 2020 it was reported that the median yearly wage for sales managers was a whopping $132,290!



Customer service specialist


As a job title specifies, customer service specialists dedicate themselves to improving the overall customer experience. This includes dealing with customer complaints, providing information regarding services, and placing orders. While these are the main tasks performed by a customer service specialist, there are many other duties included in the job that require excellent patience and people skills which are improved through getting an associate’s degree in Business Administration.



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Is the Degree Worth It?


An associate’s degree in business is certainly worth pursuing. Not only will you be provided with the ample skills necessary to get a fantastic job, but you will also be able to complete your degree in only two years! Getting a degree also leads to more job possibilities and salary increases.



Closing Thoughts


If you aspire to venture forth into the business world and gain leadership roles, then you should definitely consider getting an associate’s degree in Business Administration. Whether you choose to learn online or in-person, there’s no doubt that you will expand your career prospects and develop personally, too!


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