5 Secrets About Master’s Programs For Teachers

Are you exploring different master’s programs for teachers? These 5 secrets about getting a master’s in education just might blow your mind!


If you’ve been looking into master’s programs for teachers, you are probably a bit overwhelmed by all the information out there. How do you choose a program? How will you afford it? And how do you know if it’s even going to wind up being worth it or not?


Since you’re passionate about education, you probably want to know everything there is to know before making such a big decision. Knowledge is power, after all!


That’s why we’ve put together 5 valuable secrets about the master’s programs that are out there for teachers interested in taking their educational skills to the next level.


1. Getting your master’s degree doesn’t have to put you in debt

As you probably know by now, obtaining a degree can be extremely expensive. In fact, as of 2018, outstanding student loan debt totals a staggering $1.5 trillion in the United States.


But here’s a nice little secret: You don’t have to take on a lifetime of drowning in debt just because you want to go back to school to get your master’s.


If a program is prohibitively expensive for you, apply for financial aid and apply to every relevant scholarship you can find. There’s a lot of scholarships out there for graduate students interested in education — here’s a handy list of scholarships that could wind up paying for a huge chunk of your tuition. Seriously, apply to everything that’s relevant to you. There’s nothing to lose and a whole lot of money to gain.


Another good option to help lower the costs of graduate school is to look into master’s programs that are completely online. Not only does this provide you with far more flexibility that allows you to keep holding a job to help pay the bills, but online programs are often much more affordable than on-campus programs. That’s because the costs for the university are far lower, since there’s no expenses required to upkeep campus grounds, buildings, and full-time in-person services.


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Here’s some of the top master’s programs out there that are quite affordable:


American College of Education:


ACE provides a ton of different master’s programs in education, all completely online. Since ACE specializes specifically in education degrees, they really know what they’re doing when it comes to training teachers. They currently offer 19 different master’s programs in the educational field, ranging from early childhood education to educational technology and everything in between. It’s a good choice to consider if you have a certain field you are especially interested in pursuing. Plus, their tuition is much more affordable than most other programs out there, at around $5,500 per year. Check out ACE’s programs here.


Tampere University


Tampere University offers a Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education that could be a great choice for Europeans or international students willing to relocate. Universities in Europe are a whole lot more affordable than universities in the United States, so a lot of financially-savvy Americans take advantage of this and go abroad to get their education. Tampere’s master’s program only costs about 6,000 euros per year, and you get to study all over the world. Each semester you study in a different country, including Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, China, and India. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn teaching methods all over the world that will turn you into an amazing educator.


University of the People


For the ultimate affordable master’s in education program, check out University of the People’s online Master of Education in Advanced Teaching. UoPeople’s programs are actually tuition-free in order to provide high-quality education to people all over the world, no matter what their economic situation may be. We provide specializations in both elementary/middle school education as well as secondary education. Partnered with IB it provides you with a gateway to the IB world allowing you to work in most private school’s worldwide. You may choose to study either full time or part time, allowing the utmost flexibility.


2. The networking opportunities can change your life

Going back to school means you get to surround yourself with like-minded students and professors that could become incredibly important resources for you.


Did you know that about 85% of all jobs out there are filled through networking? It’s no wonder that a lot of students say that one of the most beneficial aspects of going back to school are the networking opportunities. So be sure to take advantage of your university’s community to make connections. It just might wind up getting you your dream job.


3. You’ll have the opportunity to specialize in your passion

If you are passionate about a specific subject or area of teaching, this is something to consider that will really boost your career in your respective field. A lot of master’s programs offer specializations in certain fields, such as art education, special education, english as a second language, STEM education, adult education, and everything in between.


To see what types of master’s options are out there, check out this list of types of master’s degrees in education. There’s a program out there for every kind of interest! Choosing a specialization means you will become a true master in that field, and it will open up the most ideal career opportunities that fit your unique interests.


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4. You’ll make half a million extra dollars

That’s right — in the United States, teachers that hold a master’s degree wind up earning approximately $500,000 more over their teaching career compared to teachers with just a bachelor’s degree.


This trend in increased income applies for countries all over the world. In the UK, it’s been found that employees with a master’s degree receive an extra £200,000 of added lifetime earnings, as well. In Australia, teachers with a master’s earn an average of AU$20,000 more than teachers without a master’s. This translates to around AU$800,000 of extra income throughout their career! It’s quite clear that choosing to go back to graduate school is an incredible investment in your future.


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5. You’ll become an amazing teacher

Lucrative salary and job prospects aside, this is surely the most important reason for getting a master’s in education. If you want to be an amazing teacher, then investing in a master’s degree is one of the very best options out there for you to gain educational knowledge and advanced teaching skills.


Your further education will help you be the best teacher you can be, making a huge impact on the children or adults you go on to educate. You’ll be able to provide your students with a much higher quality education than you would be able to if you choose to skip the master’s degree and continue teaching without it. That should be your number one reason to motivate you to go back to school and get that master’s degree — your future students will surely thank you!



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