15 Motivational Quotes From UoPeople Students

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An extra push awaits when you read these 15 motivational quotes from UoPeople students who have had their life changed because of tuition-free education.


UoPeople: For the People by the People

Can you imagine a world where quality higher education is free for all? We can, and that’s why in 2009, President and Founder Shai Reshef started University of the People. By offering an online, tuition-free, and quality education, UoPeople has opened the doors for over 18,500 students to achieve their dreams of accessing higher education.


Students from over 200 countries and territories have received their degrees from UoPeople, which has propelled their careers into major companies, entrepreneurship, university research, non-profit organizations and more. When they first find out about UoPeople, many had previously experienced setbacks in life where they never thought earning a degree would be impossible.


For example, they may be single parents who feel they don’t have the time to earn their degree, or they are refugees fleeing political unrest in their home country with limited access to educational institutions. Others simply don’t have the funds to pay for school. Some decide that their current degree and career are not serving their ultimate goals and purpose in life, so they are ready to take a leap of faith and need a second chance.


Regardless of the reason for enrolling at UoPeople, the majority of our students leave with a sense of accomplishment, gratitude, and a life-changing experience that is unparalleled and positions them to succeed in their chosen career path. They’ve shared their stories with us, and now, they are sharing tidbits through motivational quotes that help current and prospective students grasp the importance of accessible and quality education.



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The Power of Knowledge

University of the People’s mission is based in the belief that access to education helps propel the economy, push society forward, and ultimately promotes world peace. At the very basis of everything we do is the idea that education is a human right for all, and there is no reason it should be denied to anyone, anywhere, at any time. That’s why our mission is to provide affordable, online, quality degree-granting programs to students around the world.


Education is the fundamental ingredient to positively influence society and transform individuals. Under this idea that knowledge is power comes words from our students and graduates who agree with what we stand for and have benefited from these ideals.




“I believe that knowledge is always helpful in one way or another in life, and the more knowledge you have, the better.”


– Tran Dang, Vietnam, Business Administration




“I have always believed that education should be a tool that develops people to become motivated to reach their goal of inspiring the world around them.”


– Jillian Sigamoney, Botswana & USA, MBA




“A degree is a tool, and for me is a way to escape from poverty and get access to valuable resources that can improve my life and the life of others that I may cause impact through my actions.”


– Alify Ferreira Pires, Brazil, Computer Science



Importance of Diversity

The world is diverse by nature, and we appreciate that our virtual classrooms provide a nice reflection of it. At the University, as mentioned before, students from over 200 countries and territories are enrolled. Importantly, the degree programs are based on a pedagogical model, where students interact with one another via online forums that are monitored by course instructors.


Through this model of learning, dialogue is encouraged, there is an exchange of ideas, and the sharing of diverse perspectives is at the basis of all discussion. Therefore, students have the opportunity to interact with individuals from around the world with whom they may have otherwise never met.


Even if an individual is unable to travel due to time, financial constraints, familial obligations, or the like, the University creates an environment that mirrors part of the experience of traveling, namely the cultural exchange and communication. UoPeople leverages the power of technology to connect people globally with the shared goal of learning and earning an education.


“I thrive the best in environments with different people from different places, so it was important to me to leave an education that was not multi-facetted enough.”


– Bettina Marsh, USA





“I’ve found there is always something new to learn when engaging in conversation with people from different cultures than your own. There are always new perspectives.”


– Jeffrey Wright, USA




“I believe much more people should take the opportunity to travel, but not just for leisure purposes but for truly discovering themselves.”


– Maria Chima Hernandez, China, Business Administration



Persistence and Never Giving Up

Like raising a child, they say “it takes a village.” Education is not so different in that it takes multiple hands and minds to make it work. For example, our course instructors join University of the People from well-known institutions around the world to volunteer their time to the betterment of society. Many of our students have faced untold hardships and challenges in their lives, so our institution is designed with this understanding and uses all of its resources to make earning an education both a seamless and joyful experience.


With multiple degree programs in Health Science, Computer Science, Business Administration and Education, students can accomplish their dreams by growing through the program with layers of support. Along with the wonderful instructors, each student is provided with an advisor who will be with them along their educational journey because giving up shouldn’t be an option!





“I decided to get serious about my education after being disabled by a routine tetanus shot in 2015. Instead of giving up, my studies with UoPeople give me the flexibility that I need to accomplish my goal.”


– Jared Eastman, USA, Health Science




“If you ask me what brings the best out of a man, I would say, hardship and challenges.”


– Azubuike Okorie, Nigeria




“After failing in my first few attempts to be an online learner, I think I have finally found a rhythm that will allow me to finish school.”


– Naomi Alexis, USA, Business



Seizing Opportunity

Because we believe that education is a right, we don’t want to fill the admissions process with multiple barriers to entry. Instead, with limited requirements like completion of high school and English proficiency, anyone can fill out an application to attend. The goal is to offer an opportunity to everyone to earn their degree and use it to better their lives.


“UoPeople is there for you, if you get the opportunity you should grab it.”


– Misheck Munyaradzi Karasa, Zimbabwe




“I have learned to be content with what I have and use every opportunity given to me wisely.”


– Moses Mukonde, Zambia, Business Administration




“Life is a celebration and the only inevitable about life is death. It is not the day you were born that matters, neither the day you die but all those days between birth and death is what really is magical. There is no such thing as “It is too late” or “I cannot do this,” that is a fallacy! It is either we CAN or we WON’T.”


– Pragashnie Naidoo, South Africa, Health Science



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Knowing Yourself and Following Your Path

It’s not always an easy choice to know what you want to do for the rest of your life in terms of a career. And, sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like a choice at all. For those who know what they want to do and for those who want to make a change, UoPeople is here to help. With four degree-granting programs that all take place online, there is naturally flexibility so that students can choose when and where they want to learn. All that is needed is an internet connection (and a positive attitude never hurt either)!


UoPeople offers the opportunity to improve one’s life through affordable education. Regardless of one’s situation, there is a way to make it work because the institution is structured to meet an individual’s needs and is designed with you in mind.




“While you are very busy with your work and family life, do not forget yourself and your development. It is never too late to get back to school and you don’t even have to leave behind your work and your family.”


– Elona Paskali, Abania, Business Administration


“I’m the definition of success, epitome of entrepreneurship and achievement is my surname. I have always loved people and helping humans is a priority to me.”


– Theodore Tafadzwa Chawarambwa, Zimbabwe


“I now know that what is most important for my choices is for them to meet my personal values and beliefs. If it feels right, then this is the thing. No matter how wild the thing is. I want to tell you this: Do the thing if it feels right and let it be wild.”


– Margarita Paneva, Bugaria