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12 Best Educational Apps for College Students


Being a college student is hard. You have many responsibilities, hardly any time and a lot of new complex information to absorb. Fortunately, if there’s a challenge you experience, there’s probably an app for that. Here are twelve apps that will make your college life easier.

The Best Education Apps for College Students Who Want to Deepen Their Knowledge

Have your courses left you hungry for more? Need help finding the right word, solving your math problem or understanding how in the world to write a correct citation? These apps are for you.

Best Education App for Students #1: iTunes University

Get access to over a million free books, videos and lectures from some of the world’s leading universities, right from your mobile device.

Best Education App #2: Scribd

Scribd is a subscription that helps you deepen your knowledge in your favorite topics. Get access to books, magazines, documents and sheet music for less than what it costs to buy one paperback.

Education App #3: Quizlet

Need to memorize study materials? Quizlet offers free quizzes, games and flashcards. You can create your own, or search in their directory. With over 150 million study tests already listed, chances are someone has already created the study test you need.

Best Education App for Students #4: Exam Vocabulary Builder

Exam Vocabulary Builder helps you learn words that professors usually include in bachelor’s and master’s degree exams. It provides word definitions and synonyms, as well as examples of how the words work in sentences. Then, you have multiple ways to make sure you remember everything, including flashcards and quizzes.

Best Education App for Students #5: EasyBib

Don’t lose points because you didn’t write your bibliography citations correctly. Scan a book’s barcode with the camera on your phone, choose a citation style and instantly get an accurate citation – approved by teachers and librarians.

Best Education App #6:

Whether English is your mother tongue or not, chances are that, as a student, you’ll encounter words you don’t know. offers English word definitions, synonyms and audio pronunciations. It also provides slang phrases, shows you how words are used in sentences and offers games to help you memorize.

Education App #7:

Writing a college paper, but can’t find the perfect word? offers more than 3 million antonyms and synonyms, with multiple filtering options, to make it easier for you to impress your professors.

Best Education App for Students #8: Mathway

Mathway provides solutions to problems in math, algebra, statistics, chemistry and trigonometry, among others. Type your problem – or upload a photo of it – and get a solution. If you need more than an instant solution, the app will act as a mentor to help you excel in your course.

The Best Education Apps for College Students Who Need Space to Take Notes and Store Their Study Materials.
Nowadays, you can do anything from your computer or your phone – even take notes and easily carry your study materials everywhere.

The Best Apps for College Students Who Want to Stay Organized

With everything you’ve got going on in your life, it’s important to stay organized. These apps will help you do that.

App #9: Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store any file you want. It gives you 15 GB for free (you can buy additional space if you need), and you can store anything from text documents to spreadsheets to photos and videos. You can also create text and spreadsheet documents. Then, you can access this content from any device, anywhere in the world. Your content is secure under a password, but it’s easy to share it with others if you want.

App #10: Dropbox

Dropbox is very similarto Google Docs when it comes to storing information. You can store any content you want, access it from anywhere and share it with whoever you choose. Like in Google Docs, you get plenty of space for free, but can always upgrade for a fee if you need more.

Education App #11: MyScript Smart Note

Prefer to write your notes by hand? Maybe sketch while listening to lectures? Now you can finally turn that into searchable content that’s easy to find whenever you need it.

App #12:

Create to-do lists, notes and reminders to make sure you stay on top of your studies and everything else you have going on in your life. You can also collaborate with others by sharing and assigning tasks.

Want College Success? Do this Before Downloading the Best Education Apps for Students

There you have it – a technological solution for almost any challenge college students face. Technology has opened many opportunities for the world of education. Find the best app to help you overcome your challenge. Chances are, it’ll make your next semester or college year a whole lot simpler.