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Organizational Theory and Behavior – BUS 5113: Learning Materials

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Learn Organizational Theory and Behavior

Course Overview

This course is designed to expose the student to the fundamental principles with which to understand human behavior inside public organizations. The course examines various theories developed in an attempt to explain and predict employee behavior in an organizational context. This course investigates individual and interpersonal behavior in organizations, including personality, decision-making, personal perceptions, teamwork, conflict, leadership, power, ethics and influence. In addition, this course seeks to analyze organizational-level factors affecting behavior, including change management, internal reward systems, culture, and organizational communication.

Preparation Resources

Organizational Theory and Behavior – BUS 5113 - Course Schedule and Topics:

Week 1: Unit 1– Introduction to Organizational Theory and Behavior


Week 2: Unit 2– The Role of Ethics in Organizational Behavior


Week 3: Unit 3– The Employee Component


Week 4: Unit 4– Communication and the Influence of Individual Perception


Week 5: Unit 5– Organizational Culture and Change


Week 6: Unit 6– The Art of Working with Teams


Week 7: Unit 7– Leadership and Power


Week 8: Unit 8- Organizational Conflict

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