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College Algebra – Math 1201: Learning Materials

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To best prepare for your future studies, please review the below preparation resources. We encourage you to use the time before starting your first term, to get a taste of the topics of your upcoming courses. There’s no better time to start than now! Good luck with your studies!

Learn College Algebra

Course Overview

This course provides a solid grounding in algebra, trigonometry, and analytic geometry in preparation for further mathematical studies. The course includes an extensive study of linear, quadratic, and rational functions. It also contains an introduction to exponential and logarithmic functions and circles. Finally, the topic of systems of linear equations is covered.

Preparation Resources

College Algebra – Math 1201 -Course Schedule and Topics:

This course will cover the following topics in eight learning sessions, with one Unit per week. The Final Exam will take place during Week/Unit 9 (UoPeople time).


Week 1: Unit 1 – Functions


Week 2: Unit 2 – Graphs, Linear and Quadratic Functions


Week 3: Unit 3 – Polynomials


Week 4: Unit 4 – Composition and Inverses


Week 5: Unit 5 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


Week 6: Unit 6 – Systems of Equations


Week 7: Unit 7 – Foundations of Trigonometry


Week 8: Unit 8 – Additional Trigonometric Concepts


Week 9: Unit 9 – Course Review and Final Exam