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December 27, 2015

Partnering for Technology and Peace in Palestine

UoPeople partners with Asal Technologies to bring economic opportunities to Palestine

University of the People is pleased to have recently announced moving UoPeople’s IT development into Ramallah, Palestine via a technology partnership with Asal Technologies. Palestine is a region that has been through an enormous amount in the last century, and it is the acknowledgment of the economic situation in Palestine that contributed in large part to the reason UoPeople chose to partner with ASAL Technologies for its technology needs. The partnership symbolizes more than just two companies partnering for technology services. It symbolizes the desire on the part of UoPeople to advance the economic opportunities provided from within economically challenged areas (such as Palestine) in its effort to assist in building a more peaceful world; as well as the growing development of sophisticated technology services being provided from Palestine.

University of the People is dedicated to opening access to higher education for all individuals currently constrained due to financial, geographic or societal constraints. The vision of the University is grounded in the belief that access to education is a key ingredient in the promotion of world peace and global economic development. Additionally, it is through an individual’s heightened exposure to global diversity and personal economic growth that peace occurs on individual levels, spreading to effect communities and countries – ultimately helping make the world a better place. In keeping with this belief, UoPeople has students accepted from 126 countries who study in classrooms alongside 20 to 30 students hailing from other countries than their own – exposing them to each other and assisting in global understanding. Furthermore, the programs taught at UoPeople – Business Administration and Computer Science – were specifically chosen with the knowledge that these provide the best opportunities for global employment. Combining exposure to diversity with optimal chances of employment post graduation align with UoPeople’s dedication towards building a more peaceful world.

While the University is doing its part in educating individuals worldwide in its vision for a more peaceful world, it is also dedicated to providing economic opportunities in financially challenged areas to help entire communities – working in this manner to even further its peace efforts. As such, the decision made to open its technology infrastructure services in Palestine was the perfect action to take to help the region economically. Furthermore, the University is also currently exploring the option of opening a back office in Ramallah in addition to its partnership with Asal Technologies to stimulate more job and opportunity creation.

University of the People’s partnership with ASAL Technologies serves to additionally exemplify the University’s commitment and dedication to building global operations. In keeping with the fact that its students come from every corner of the world, the operations behind UoPeople are global as well. UoPeople’s volunteers and academic leadership hail from countries scattered worldwide. Additionally, the University realizes the need for its educational services within the Muslim world and has accepted numerous students from Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and others; as well as more than two thirds of UoPeople’s close to 600,000 Facebook supporters hail from Muslim countries. Partnering for the University’s technology services in Palestine is compatible with UoPeople’s interest in building global operations and strengthening relationships all over the world.

It was while searching around the world for a technology partner capable of servicing its extensive technology demands and high technology standards that the University was thrilled to have found quality technological services stemming from Palestine. Recently, Palestine has seen a fair share of growth in technology services, and ASAL Technologies is leading the way as the largest IT company in the West Bank. Asal Technologies’ list of clients includes companies such as Cisco, Intel and Volvo. When asked about the UoPeople-Asal Technologies partnership, Murad Tahboub, Founder & General Director, ASAL Technologies, explains how, “working with an American University is a sign that the world is gaining trust in the technology services coming from Ramallah, Palestine.” Increasingly, Palestine is proving itself a viable region for corporate outsourcing or partnering of services, and undoubtedly, the human resources available from Palestine will be utilized on a greater scale by global corporations and NGO’s.

The UoPeople-Asal Technologies partnership is exciting in regards to the economic development it is providing in Palestine; the path towards global peace it is helping to build; and the further growth of UoPeople’s worldwide operations it provides for. Perhaps most noteworthy is that this partnership also serves to highlight the quality human capital resources available to the world from within Palestine – incredible resources that should not be overlooked or forgotten in corporate or non-profit organization’s decision making.