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Together, UoPeople and NHTI have created an incredible opportunity for you to take your education to the next level. Students now have the chance to transfer their NHTI associate degree credits to a tuition-free bachelor’s degree program, saving both time and money!

NHTI students can now:

Earn a bachelor’s for less than $2,900 when transferring an associate degree
Transfer up to 30 courses (90 credits) toward a UoPeople bachelor’s degree program
Associate degree holders get their first 20 courses (60 credits) transferred at no cost
Study with a unique, 100% online model that offers unmatched flexibility

Feel free to reach out to with any questions!

Do you have NHTI courses to transfer? Great! Apply to UoPeople today

About NHTI

NHTI – Concord’s Community College is a 240-acre community college in Concord, New Hampshire. Founded in 1965, it now boasts 80 academic programs and serves more than 4,600 students.