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Homeschooling for College Credit (HS4CC)

HS4CC and UoPeople have joined forces to make it affordable for HS4CC students to advance their education. If you’re a HS4CC student, take a look below to learn how you can take the next step toward an affordable college education.

HS4CC students can now:

Earn a bachelor’s for less than $2,900 when transferring an associate degree
Transfer up to 30 courses (90 credits) toward a UoPeople bachelor’s degree program
Associate degree holders get their first 20 courses (60 credits) transferred at no cost
Study with a unique, 100% online model that offers unmatched flexibility

UoPeople accepts parent-issued transcripts, showing that high school requirements have been met, to meet admission requirements at UoPeople. If a student has completed at least 24 college credits, an official college transcript is sufficient to satisfy admission requirements.


Feel free to reach out to with any questions!

Are you an HS4CC student? Apply to UoPeople today

About Homeschooling for College Credit (HS4CC)

Homeschooling for College Credit (HS4CC) is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization helping homeschooled students go above and beyond by accessing college-level opportunities.