[email protected] Communities


With over 20,000 students representing over 200 countries and territories and more than 11,000 volunteers and supporters worldwide, UoPeople truly has a global presence. Previously, members of UoPeople’s global community were connected only virtually. University of the People (UoPeople) is now launching an exciting new way for local students, graduates, and supporters to engage with UoPeople: to be a part of a [email protected] Community.


UoPeople is proud to have an endless number of informal groups and communities all over the globe. In order to show our acknowledgment and appreciation for the work of these informal communities, we want to offer representatives of [email protected] Communities the use of [email protected] logo and branding.


The purpose of [email protected] Communities, which will be named after the specific region (e.g., [email protected], [email protected], etc.) is to serve as a local, on-the-ground network of dedicated students, alumni, volunteers and others.


While [email protected] networks are created to foster communication between UoPeople supporters around the world, [email protected] Communities are organized by local community members and are distinct from and organized independently of University of the People.



How to Join

In order to preserve the mission and brand of the University, all those interested in using the [email protected] logo and branding must complete an application process and receive written approval from the University.


Please review the Terms and Conditions & click below to start your application!