UoPeople@ Communities


With over 57,000 students representing over 200 countries and territories and more than 23,000 volunteers and supporters worldwide, University of the People truly has a global presence. Previously, members of UoPeople’s global community were connected only virtually. UoPeople is now launching an exciting new way for local students, graduates, and supporters to engage with UoPeople: to launch or be a part of a UoPeople@ Community.


What is a UoPeople@ Community?

UoPeople@ Communities are on-the-ground networks of UoPeople students, alumni, volunteers, and others based in different geographical locations. Each Community is named after its region, making it easy for members to find the right Community and connect with peers and colleagues in-person and online.


Why should you join a UoPeople@ Community?

Communities will host diverse events including meetings for students and graduates to connect, information sessions for applicants, career fairs, and more!

It is exciting way to meet UoPeople students, graduates, and supporters in your area and connect meaningfully with each other in-person as well as online.


Where do UoPeople@ Communities currently exist?

In addition to the three communities that were launched last year: UoPeople@Lagos, UoPeople@Benghazi, and UoPeople@Harare we are happy to announce 9 new communities.


How to Join?


We invite you to join your UoPeople@ Community by clicking on the relevant location below. As we grow and develop as a university, it is our hope that the communities will grow as well.

Why should you start a UoPeople@ Community?

UoPeople@ Communities Leaders are the driving force behind the Communities success. You will create, grow, and maintain an active and enthusiastic network of UoPeople students and supporters. This opportunity includes increased responsibility with the University and is a fantastic chance to gain volunteer organizational and managerial experience.

It is also a great way to give back to the UoPeople and help in the mission of opening access to higher education around the globe.


Leaders will be given a dedicated email address and Facebook group from which to manage the community, an official UoPeople@ Community logo to use in communications, and personalized support from UoPeople staff.

You may read the Terms and Conditions here.


How to start a UoPeople@ Community?

All those interested in creating an official UoPeople@ Community must complete an application process and receive written approval from the University.


Please come back to check when are we accepting new applications!


In the meantime, UoPeople@Lagos says hello…