Scholarship for Refugees

At University of the People it is our mission to remove the traditional barriers that stand between individuals and a high-quality, comprehensive education.


As part of this mission, we are proud to offer a number of scholarships designed to enable refugees and asylum-seekers from around the world an opportunity to study towards a degree at University of the People.


With the generous assistance of our donors, we have set up the Emergency Refugee Scholarship and the Small Giants Scholarship Fund. These two resources provide access to education to hundreds of refugees and asylum-seekers from Syria, Myanmar, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and many other countries.


At UoPeople we understand how being displacement robs individuals of access to education. Without a quality education it is nearly impossible to make a new life and obtain a professional career in a new land.


Thanks to the generous assistance of the Hoffman Foundation, Small Giants and the Frankel Family, we are able to bring education to anyone with an internet connection and the dream of studying towards a degree.


Scholarships for refugees that UoPeople currently offers:

Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund

Small Giants Refugees Fund

Myanmar Scholarship Fund


Watch Shai Reshef ‘s Ted Talk about his plan to help refugees help themselves.