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Will I still be registered for my course if my proctor does not confirm?

Registrations for courses with a proctored exam are pending upon the approval of a proctor. Students who do not successfully identify a confirmed proctor will not be successfully registered to the course.

Can I provide with a proctor through a third-party company/organization that offers proctoring services?

Yes you can! Students may select to use a third-party service such as ProctorU and pay directly for its services. They may also select other approved third-party individual or organization offering proctoring services; however students should be aware that they will be responsible for any fees incurred for this service....
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Can my proctor oversee my exam remotely?

UoPeople students can take exams with an offline proctor (in person), free of charge, or with an online proctor, using ProctorU services. If you choose to have offline proctor, your proctor cannot oversee your exam remotely. A student using an offline proctor is not allowed to start a Proctored Exam...
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Is it compulsory to take proctored exams?

Every undergraduate student at UoPeople must take proctored exams prior to graduation. Students that are taking a course, which is listed in the Proctored Course List, must take a proctored exam in that course. A student cannot graduate unless the exams in all courses that are listed in the Proctored...
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How do I register a proctor?

Once a student has registered for a course with a proctored exam they will need to click on the “add a proctor” link, which is located next to the course the student has registered for. This link will allow the student to input all proctor details. Once this is done...
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What are proctored exams?

A proctored exam is an exam that requires someone (a proctor) to oversee the student taking the exam. 

I am having difficulty locating a proctor, what can I do?

If a student is having difficulty locating a proctor, they may contact their Program Advisor to discuss who may be able to serve as a proctor for them. Please note that it is the student’s sole responsibility to find and appoint a proctor. Note that UoPeople students can take exams...
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How do I register for a course with a Proctored Exam?

Courses that require a proctor are marked as “required-proctored” under the type column in the course-offering list for the next term, which is available in the self services portal. Registration is completed the same way as a non-proctored course, the only difference is that students will need to register a...
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Can a proctor be anyone that I know?

It is the student’s sole responsibility to choose a proctor (exam monitor), and proctors must meet several requirements:
• be responsible, respected adults, such as a local official, supervisor at work, librarian, or a religious figure, and be at least 21 years old;
• be willing to comply...
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What is a proctor and why do I need one?

A proctor is a person who monitors students during an examination. University of the People students are required to successfully complete the required number of proctored exams prior to graduation according to their degree program.