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Financial Aid

Can a refugee or asylum seeker not living in US benefit from emergency refugee assistance scholarship fund?

Yes, we review each request individually and determine your eligibility. You first need to apply to UoPeople, once you are admitted you can then apply for a scholarship.

Click here for more information about our scholarships or contact your admissions advisor for details.

I cannot afford to pay the transfer credit evaluation fee. Do you have grants or scholarships for that?

Asking for credit evaluation does not cost money. Only if and when your transfer credit request is approved, you will be asked to pay an evaluation fee of $17 per accepted course to cover the evaluation costs. You may choose not to pay if you decide not to transfer the credit. For those...
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What if I am unable to pay the Application fee?

If you cannot afford to pay the Application Fee, you may be eligible for a grant or scholarship.  Please contact your Admissions Advisor or for additional information.

I have financial aid pell grant can I use for the tuition fees?

University of the People does not participate in federal financial aid programs. Please contact: 

Are UoPeople students eligible to receive funding from FAFSA?

University of the People is a tuition-free, non-profit, American accredited institution. We are dedicated to opening the gates to higher education, regardless of an individual’s financial background. Hence, University of the People offers grants and scholarships for individuals who are experiencing financial hardship. Currently, however, University of the People does not...
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Are there scholarships for M.Ed?

Yes, there is a scholarship for the M.Ed. program! That being said, UoPeople offers as many scholarships as it has the funds available to do so. Currently, most of the donated scholarships are for undergraduate degree study. Also following our mission to open the gates to higher education, UoPeople is...
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How do I get a scholarship or grant if I am unable to pay the fees?

University of the People is dedicated to opening access to higher education around the world for all qualified individuals who face various constraints accessing higher education. For students unable to pay our fees, UoPeople works extremely hard to ensure that no student of UoPeople is left out of higher education...
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I have a bachelor degree in Translation studies, and I want to switch to CS. Am I eligible for scholarship?

University of the People gives priority of scholarships to students which have not yet received a degree.
Please click here to learn more about the scholarships at UoPeople –
For further information contact: 

How long will it take for me to receive an approved scholarship?

Scholarships are reviewed on a case by case basis. The Financial Aid Office works closely with each student to find the best option available in the shortest time possible. Scholarships are available to admitted applicants and must be requested on the web application, applicants who request a financial aid will...
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What is the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund?

Simone Biles and University of the People have joined together to create the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund. This fund is designed to assist foster children in achieving their college dreams. Prospective and current qualifying UoPeople students are invited to apply for the scholarship. To learn more about the Simone...
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Can I receive a scholarship to study at a different university?

University of the People provides scholarships only for students studying one of the programs offered by UoPeople. The University is unable to provide funding for students who are not studying at UoPeople. For a list of the programs offered at University of the People, please see: For a list...
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Will I get a 1098-T to file taxes?

University of the People is a non-profit, tuition-free university. Because of this, UoPeople does not participate in federal financial aid and, therefore, does not sign the 1098-T form.