8 Personal Finance Blogs for Parents of College-Bound Students

It’s scary to send kids off to college. These personal finance blogs help parents of college-bound students survive this financially & come out thriving

It’s an exciting time in every parent’s life. Your baby is all grown up, and off to start their brand new adult life in college. They are going to thrive, make new friends, gain the education you’ve always dreamed they could get, and create a great life for themselves.

But it’s also a very scary time in every parent’s life. Many kids move out at this point, leaving you behind with concern. How will they get along? Will they make friends? How will life look like for you without taking care of them?

Emotions are high, and it gets worse once you realize what a big expense your family is going to face in the next few years. But this isn’t the time to let fear take over.

Personal Finance Blogs that Help Parents College-Bound Students Plan for and Survive the Expensive Upcoming Years

Whether you’re preparing a few years in advance or your child already signed up to college, there’s never been a better time than right now to learn as much as you can about personal finance.


Here are a few blogs you can follow:


1. Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly provides carefully researched articles and real life stories that help you master and maximize every aspect of your financial life – mortgage, insurance, bank accounts, saving for college, and more.


2. The Simple Dollar

If you’re stuck in debt, yet want to build a financially secure future, and be able to afford sending your kids to college, read The Simple Dollar. The team behind the website iseems to be committed to helping you make better financial decisions, whether you’re looking for great financial products, to get out of debt, or to start saving or investing money.


3. Money Crashers

The team behind Money Crashers help you make financially sound decisions about education, real estate, how you spend and invest money, how to get out of debt, and more. Among their guiding principles is the belief that if you practice being resourceful and open minded, you’ll discover that student loans aren’t the only way to fund your kids’ higher education.


4. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi, founder of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, believes you already know that you need to save money, but it’s hard for most people to follow common advice, like stop buying coffee or going out to dinner. Instead, he shows you how to focus on 5-10 big wins, teaches you psychological strategies and systems to make it easier for you to realize your financial dreams, and provides scripts you can use for anything from getting a promotion or landing a client, to making small talk and getting VIPs to help you out.


Personal Finance Blogs that Help Parents Give College-Bound Students a Great Financial Education

The following blogs are geared more toward students and graduates, yet parents of college-bound students can use them to learn a wealth of personal finance strategies that they can share with their kids. It’s especially important to find blogs that understand what your kids will experience in the next few years of their lives.



5. The College Investor

Robert Farrington, founder of the College Investor, started investing when he was 13 years old. Called America’s Millennial Money Expert and America’s Student Loan Debt Expert, Farrington teaches you how to escape student loan debt, start investing, save more money, diversify income streams and build wealth.


6. 20 Something Finance

If you’re scared your kids will end up deep in debt after graduation, read G.E. Miller’s blog. That was his life then, but within several years, he turned his life around. He’s now saving over 85% of his income. In his blog, he shares his journey of extreme expense hacking while living a full, well-rounded life.


7. Broke Millennial

If your kids are struggling to understand basic personal finance ideas, read Erin Lowry’s blog, which is syndicated to New York Magazine and Business Insider. Lowry was raised in a home where financial challenges were treated as learning opportunities, and has grown up to work with universities and major financial institutions in her effort to advocate on millennial money matters.


Millennials – also called Generation Y – are people who were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s (although some define Millennials as being born between the early 1980s and mid 1990s).


8. Studenomics

If you want to be the smart and cool parent, read up on Martin Dasko’s blog. His mission is to help your kids party, travel and have fun – while saving up for their first home and making other smart financial decisions. He’s committed to writing about personal finance in a fun and entertaining way.


What Personal Finance Blogs Can’t Do for Parents of College-Bound Students

No matter how many personal finance blogs you read, remember that the only way to make a difference in your life and your kids’ lives is to do the work.

Use these blogs and others to learn strategies and choose the financial path that you feel most comfortable with, but then dedicate time to implement the strategies – and encourage your children.

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