Transferring Credits to
University of the People

In keeping with our mission to open the gates of higher education for all, UoPeople may accept transferred credits from both accredited US and accredited non-US institutions. You can apply for transfer credits if you are an applicant or an existing student at UoPeople.


What Credits Are Accepted at UoPeople?

University of the People will consider transferring credits earned at accredited US universities and accredited universities outside of the U.S. UoPeople will also consider credits earned from College Board AP tests or evaluated by ACE (including CLEP).


We accept the following official post-secondary credentials for transfer credit consideration: associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

UoPeople will not accept remedial credits, experiential credit or continuing education units.


UoPeople will consider accepting transfer credit for a course in any instance in which the course content is equivalent to that of one of UoPeople’s courses or in which the course may be used towards an elective credit in a UoPeople degree program. To see how your previous coursework will transfer to UoPeople, please check our equivalency database. If your previous institution or a course you completed does not appear in the database, it does not mean that it will not transfer to UoPeople, just that we have not yet evaluated it. We are constantly updating the database with newly evaluated courses. Click here to access the database. 


Each course considered for transfer must have a grade of C level or above. Once the course is recognized, it only transfers as earned credits without a grade and therefore does not affect the student’s CGPA.


How Many Credits Can I Transfer?

For undergraduate degree programs, UoPeople may award the transfer of up to 50% of the required program credits. In special cases, UoPeople may choose to make an exception allowing for up to 75%.


This means that students can transfer no more than 45 credits towards the completion of an associate’s degree, no more than 90 credits towards the completion of a bachelor’s degree, and no more than 18 credits towards the completion of a master’s degree.


How to Apply for Transfer Credit at University of the People

  1. Submit your Application to UoPeople.
  2. Receive an update stating that you meet UoPeople’s application requirements to begin your studies with us.
  3. Apply for Transfer Credit via the UoPeople Self-Service Portal here.

How much does it cost?

Asking for credit evaluation does not cost money. Only if and when your transfer credit request is approved, you will be asked to pay an evaluation fee of $17 per accepted course to cover the evaluation costs. You may choose not to pay if you decide not to transfer the credit. For those who cannot afford the fee, we may have grants available.



  • Applicants must complete the online application to the university.
  • After receiving an update that you are eligible to begin studying at UoPeople, follow the email’s instructions accordingly.
  • If you would like to submit a transfer credit request, do so online using the UoPeople Self-Service Portal here. The request as well as all supporting documentation must be completed within 7 days. You will be able to submit this request later as well, but only those who apply within 7 days have the chance to go into Transfer Credit Foundations pathway- meaning you will only have to take UNIV 1001 during your Foundations term, rather than additional courses. After being notified that you meet UoPeople’s application requirements to begin your studies, you will be required to pay the non-refundable application fee.
  • UoPeople announces its’ admissions and transfer credit decisions by the final Notice of Admissions Day (Please see Admissions calendar here). Once your transfer credit application is approved, you will receive a notice along with the admissions decision.
  • If you were accepted, simply save your spot in your UoPeople self-service portal here.
  • If your transfer credit application is still incomplete on the final notice day, we will close the application, and you will be able to reapply for transfer credit as a student. On that day we will also admit you to the university so you could start studying without missing the coming term. Once you will save your spot, you will shortly become a UoPeople degree seeking student and start your foundations in the upcoming term.
  • Students should then complete the degree program admissions process (the Foundations courses requirement according to the university policy) and become UoPeople degree students. Note that UNIV 1001 is non-transferable, therefore all applicants must at least complete this one Foundations course before becoming a degree student.
  • The credits which were unofficially approved will be officially approved and transfer into the student’s transcript only once the student has completed at least one degree course at UoPeople and only after paying an Evaluation Fee of $17 per accepted course.
  • Applicants who fail to pay the Evaluation Fee and transfer their credits into their UoPeople transcript within the required timeframe will be assumed to have declined the offer of transfer credit and their transfer credit application will be closed.


Submitting proof of course completion may be satisfied by the Submission of


AP courses: the record of the test results

ACE:an ACE CREDIT transcript

CLEP: a CLEP transcript from the College Board

For US institutions: an official transcript or copy

For non-Us institutions: a transcript and a course-by-course evaluation from a recognized foreign evaluation service: NACES  or AICE. 

For NACES please see here:
For AICE please see here: 



All documents should be submitted electronically to the Office of Transfer Credit using the UoPeople Self-Service Portal found here.


For more information:

Read our Transfer Credit Q&A

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