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About UoPeople

Is University of the People an accredited university?

Yes. In February 2014 UoPeople received accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). This can...

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Will I travel if I am a student?

University of the People degrees and courses are 100% online. This means that, as long as you have an internet connection, you can study with us anywhere and anytime! Part of our mission is to help students overcome obstacles getting in the way of their studies, such as...

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How can I work as a teacher at UoPeople?

University of the People is based on the premise that education is crucial to the advancement of individuals and society at large. Millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, are excluded from higher education for various reasons. As a volunteer with UoPeople, you help make the dream...

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What is the UoPeople time zone?

Because UoPeople students come from all over the world and from all time zones, our clock is set to GMT (-5). This ensures that we have a consistent standard in which to open and close the window for assignment submission. However, we recognize that this means deadlines for course work...

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Does UoPeople need more volunteers?

University of the People is constantly seeking out volunteers for its various departments. While we cannot promise that each and every potential volunteer will be able to find a suitable volunteer position with us, we try our best to match potential volunteers with their desired position.


Please fill out...

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Application Admissions

What are the application requirements?

To meet admission requirements, applicants must: be 16 years old or older, be able to demonstrate high school completion, and have English proficiency To apply for admissions consideration to UoPeople, applicants must complete an online application. For additional information, please visit our admissions requirements page.

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I do not have a postal code, what do i do?

If your country does not use the zip/postal code system, please type NA or 00000 into the zip code field.

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Are undocumented students able to apply?

Yes, we welcome undocumented students. In fact, around 1/4 of our US students are undocumented. Higher education is the key to opening up doors for undocumented students. A lot of the undocumented students living in the US are young and driven but have no access to higher education, therefore they...

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I cannot provide transcripts because I’m a refugee – what can I do?

Please contact your Admissions or Program Advisor in this case.

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Many programs require a much higher CGPA for admission. Why doesn’t UoPeople?

UoPeople is based on the belief that education is a basic right for all qualified applicants, not just for a privileged few. The University works to open the gates of higher education to qualified students anywhere in the world, because everyone deserves a chance to improve their future. Therefore, no...

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Academic Programs

What are the technology requirements to complete a certificate program?

To complete a certificate at University of the People, students will need to have consistent access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. If students are working on a computer that is not their personal computer and are unable to save documents, it’s important also to obtain an external drive. Because there...

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Is the certificate program available for students from every country?

Do other universities accept credit transfers from University of the People?

Yes. Students who wish to transfer their UoPeople graduate credits to another institution are strongly advised to discuss this with the receiving institution as the transferability of credits earned at UoPeople is at the complete discretion of the institution to which students may seek to transfer.

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How many students will be accepted?

There is room for everyone in an online classroom and there is no limit to how many students can be accepted into UoPeople’s certificate programs.    

However, at this time UoPeople only accepts new students into the UoPeople certificate programs. Students already seeking a degree at UoPeople are ineligible at this time.

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Who is behind the program?

Each certificate program has an advisory board to guide and develop the program courses included to ensure students receive a quality education. For example, the Business Administration Advisory Board contributes to the development of the Business Administration Certificates program.

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Can I pay with my local currency?

UoPeople accepts payment in local currency (equivalent to the total amount owed in USD). All major credit cards are accepted, as well as various payment options based on your country of residence.

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Why are there fees if you are tuition-free?

It is the University’s mission to provide affordable, tuition-free education for everybody. University of the People is tuition-free, which means there is no charge for teaching or instruction.


To help support the university’s continued operation, UoPeople charges a $60 application fee, and an Assessment Fee per course completed ($120...

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What can I do if the payment options you offer are not available to me?

If you are unable to make payment through major Credit or Debit Cards or via PayPal or Western Union, you may submit payment for the Application Processing Fee and Assessment fee with a Cashier’s...

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Will someone in admissions be able to assist me with a tuition deferment once I am accepted to uopeople?

Once you will be accepted to University of the People, we will be able to sign your loan deferment form. Please note that UoPeople does not directly participate in any federal financial aid programs.
Your program advisor will be happy to help you.

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So, you’ve provided an estimate of cost of fees to complete various degree programs. What are the fees for the cost of books, supples, etc.?

University of the People does not charge students to take classes, for any reading or study materials, or for annual enrollment. It is the university’s mission to provide affordable, tuition-free education for everybody. UoPeople charges nominal fees in order to remain sustainable.


For students who cannot afford those fees,...

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Student Experience

How many hours per week should students expect to devote to their coursework?

A student should expect to spend at least 15-17 hours per week on each course. This includes readings, research work, writing, project work, etc.

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Hello, I do not know the quiz password for the final exam.

Please contact:

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What steps do I take when I am about to complete the program?

Students in their final term of study complete and submit the Graduation Application. The Office of Student Services does a graduation audit and notifies the student of his/her readiness for graduation.

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How is UoPeople’s academic year organized?

UoPeople’s academic year runs from September 1 through August 31. There are five terms in the academic year. Each term is nine weeks in length, and there are one or two weeks between terms. Term 1 begins the first week of September. Term 5 ends in the middle of August.

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Will I still be registered for my course if my proctor does not confirm?

Registrations for courses with a proctored exam are pending upon the approval of a proctor. Students who do not successfully identify a confirmed proctor will not be successfully registered to the course.

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