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S. Blair Kauffman of UoP

S. Blair Kauffman

Law Librarian and Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Mr. S. Blair Kauffman is the Law Librarian and Professor of Law at Yale Law School. Before joining Yale in 1994, he held a similar position at the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison.

His thirty-five years of professional experience as a law librarian also includes two other positions as library director, both in Illinois and Nevada. He is an active participant in various law library professional organizations and has taught, written, and consulted extensively on a wide array of topics, ranging from legal research in America to law library administration and legal issues in Africa.

He has degrees from the University of Missouri (B.S., J.D., and L.L.M.) and the University of Washington (M.L.L.), and is a member of the Missouri Bar. His books include Szladitz Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law (2000) with Dan Wade and Tracy Thompson, and Law in America (2001) with Bonnie Collier.