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Deanna Wormuth

Former Director, English Language Center, Georgetown University

Deanna Wormuth, former Director of the English Language Center at Georgetown University, has extensive experience as an administrator, teacher trainer, and classroom instructor in the field of second language acquisition in higher education.  She has been the director of three intensive English programs in the United States (Georgetown University, Towson University, and Texas A&M University) and served as the director of the pilot English program developed to support undergraduate programs for Texas A&M University in Koriyama, Japan.  

Co-author of three texts on developing the writing skills of second language learners, she has given numerous lectures and workshops on program design, writing strategies, program assessment, and curriculum design at national and international conferences.  She has also served as a consultant to governmental agencies in Chile and universities in the Middle East regarding the development of English language programs.

A former Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) Commissioner and current CEA reviewer, she has been a strong advocate for the development of quality language programs that meet the needs of language learners worldwide.  She has served as President of the consortium of University and College Intensive English Programs (UCIEP), and on the English USA executive board.