Online Associate Degree Programs

Why Get a Degree?

In today’s world, there is no stronger asset than a degree from an accredited university or college. Individuals choose to pursue a degree for a number of reasons: to deepen their knowledge, to develop themselves professionally, and to open new doors in their careers. Degree holders gain invaluable training and expertise in their chosen field of study and are more eligible than individuals without degrees for careers in dynamic, specialized professions.


Why Get an Associate Degree?

An Associate Degree is a type of degree which is typically completed in two years after the completion of twenty courses. Getting your Associate Degree is a great way to jumpstart both your academic and professional career without the commitment of four-year program. Students who decide to continue their education in their chosen field of study after completing their Associate Degree program can continue straight on to their Bachelor Degree while transferring many of their credits towards their new program. Not only this, but many scholarship opportunities are available especially for Associate Degree holders.


Associate Degree holders who don’t choose to continue their education right away will find themselves primed and qualified to enter the workforce in their chosen field.  They will have gained a broad base of knowledge and specialized training which will make them more attractive applicants in today’s competitive job market.


At University of the People, we offer three accredited online Associate Degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science, as well as master’s degree programs in business administration and education.  Explore our Associate Degree programs below to learn more about how an Associate Degree can get you moving towards your professional and academic goals!


UoPeople Offers the Following Online Associate Degree Programs:

Online Associate Degree Program in Computer Science

Online Associate Degree Program in Health Science

Online Associate Degree Program in Business Administration