Online Associate Degree Programs

Why Get a College Degree?

In today’s world, there is no stronger asset than a degree from an accredited university or college. Individuals choose to pursue a degree for a number of reasons: to deepen their knowledge, to develop themselves professionally, and to open new doors in their careers. Degree holders gain invaluable training and expertise in their chosen field of study and are more eligible than individuals without degrees for careers in skilled, dynamic, and specialized professions.


What is an Associate’s Degree?

An Associate’s Degree is a 2 year degree. A student generally earns an Associate degree after completing 20 courses, or 60 course credits of study. Not all colleges or universities offer an Associate’s Degree program. Associate’s degrees are often awarded at community colleges. Once completed, students often go on to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.


Why Get an Associate’s Degree?

Getting an associate’s degree is a great way to jumpstart or change both your academic and professional career without the 4 year commitment, or high-cost of a traditional Bachelor’s degree program. Students who decide to continue their education in their chosen field of study after completing their Associate Degree program can continue straight on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. Another benefit of an Associate’s degree is that students can transfer credits from completed college courses towards their Bachelor’s degree program. Moreover, many scholarship opportunities are available especially to Associate’s Degree holders.


Associate’s Degree holders who don’t choose to continue their education right away will find themselves primed and qualified to enter the workforce in their chosen field. They will have gained a broad base of knowledge and specialized training which will make them more attractive applicants in today’s competitive job market.


What are the Different Types of Associate’s Degrees?


Associate of Arts (AA)

An Associate of Arts degree is generally earned in the fields of liberal arts, sciences, humanities, and social science. Those who pursue an AA degree go on to work in a wide variety of fields including professions in the arts, education, sales, management, and more.


Associate of Science (AS)

An Associate of Science degree is generally awarded to those in applied scientific and technical areas of study, including math and science. Those who earn an AA degree go on to have a career in a wide range of fields including in technology, nursing, business, criminal justice, and more.


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

An Associate of Applied Science, or Associate in Applied Science is a degree that is usually specific to a particular field of study, vocation, or career. In these types of degree programs, students often learn the practical skills for a particular career path.


What is the difference between AA vs. AS vs. AAS Degree?

The main difference between these 2 year degrees is that an AA and AS degree consist of General Education related courses that are usually transferable towards earning a Bachelor’s Degree. With respect to an AAS Degree, the courses are usually focused on a particular field of study, and the credits earned are not transferable.


10 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

1. Air Traffic Controller


• Salary: $124,540
• Degree Type: AS

Air traffic controllers keep our skies safe by guiding pilots during take-off and landing, and monitoring aircrafts during travel. They also promote the efficient flow of air traffic to minimize plane delays.


2. Computer Programmer


• Salary: $82,240
• Degree Type: AS/AAS

Also referred to as a “software engineer,” these professionals design and create computer software programs, write code, system instructions, and maintain operating systems.


3. Radiation Therapist


• Salary: $82,330
• Degree Type: AAS

Radiation therapists assist oncologists and radiologists with the implementation of therapeutic treatment plans of patients undergoing radiation therapy.


4. Nuclear Medicine Technologist


• Salary: $76,820
• Degree Type: AAS

Nuclear Medicine Technologists prepare imaging of body scans for patients undergoing medical treatment, keep detailed records of procedures, and assist physicians with patient care.


5. Dental Hygienist


• Salary: $74,820
• Degree Type: AAS

Dental Hygienists screen patients for an array of dental issues, perform x-rays, clean and polish teeth, administer flourides and sealants, counsel patients about dental health, and more.


6. Nurse


• Salary: $70,000
• Degree Type: AS

These health care professionals help treat patients who are sick and injured. They assist doctors to diagnose patients, provide patients advice, and administer follow-up care.


7. Web Developer


• Salary: $69,430
• Degree Type: AAS

Web Developers perform coding and are responsible for website design and layout. These technology professionals use their skills and knowledge in graphic design and computer programming to meet a company’s specifications.


8. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


• Salary: $68,970
• Degree Type: AS/AAS

Often known as an “ultrasound technologist,” these health care professionals perform body scans to produce images of patients that aid in medical diagnoses.


9. Cardiovascular Technologist and Technicians


• Salary: $67,080
• Degree Type: AS/AAS

These healthcare professionals help to diagnose cardiovascular problems and treat patients with heart conditions, vascular problems, and other heart-related medical conditions.


10. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician


• Salary: $67,010
• Degree Type: AAS

Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians work with engineering and construction teams to operate and maintain efficient work platforms.


Admission Requirements

Requirements and prerequisites vary depending on the institution for admission to an associate’s degree program. However, most institutions, including UoPeople, require students to have a high school diploma, or equivalent in order to be admitted.


Associate’s Degree Costs

The average cost of an associate degree is significantly lower than the cost of a traditional four year degree. The difference in costs varies significantly between public and private institutions. Some research estimates associate’s degrees costing over $30,000 at some private universities.
At University of the People, an Associate’s Degree costs a total of about $2,460. This includes 20 courses, which cost $120 per course, plus a $60 application fee.



UoPeople’s Associate’s Degree Programs

At University of the People, we offer three accredited online Associates Degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science, as well as master’s degree programs in business administration and education. Explore our Associate Degree programs below to learn more about how an Associate Degree can get you moving towards your professional and academic goals!


UoPeople Offers the Following Online Associate Degrees Programs:

Online Associate Degree in Computer Science


UoPeople’s Computer Science program prepares students to enter the workforce, speak the language of technology, and write code. Students will focus on a wide range of topics including mathematics, logic, engineering, and information. The courses offered in this program teach students to learn and understand hardware and software, as well as practical application and maintenance services.


Online Associate Degree in Health Science


The UoPeople Health Science Program takes an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on public health, healthcare, bioethics, and mental health. In our Program, students will learn how different healthcare systems operate, as well as disease prevention, nutrition, and mental health. This program will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a higher degree in the healthcare industry if they so choose, and obtain meaningful careers in the healthcare industry.


Online Associate Degree in Business Administration


UoPeople’s Associate of Science in Business Administration program enables students to gain a broad understanding of business principles and fundamentals. Students take business models and apply them to real-life situations, learn how to work effectively in a professional team environment, and learn valuable concepts in business ethics.