Biology 1 for Health Science Majors
BIOL 1121: Learning Materials

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Learn Biology 1 for Health Science Majors

Course Overview

This course introduces main concepts in biology, common to most living organisms. It covers topics in biochemistry, cell biology and genetics, which illustrate how molecules are organized into cells. Cells constitute the basic unit of life and genes are central to information flow within and between cells. This course makes use of assignments, conceived as mini-projects, to introduce experimental methods and research data repositories. Through these activities, the goal is to learn how to approach methodically a complex problem and find information relevant to a specific question. This course is, thus, meant both as a prerequisite to the study of biology at the organism or population level, and as a general introduction to how biological knowledge is being produced.


Preparation Resources

Biology from OpenStax College. Available online at

  1. Chapters 1-10
  2. Chapters 11-20
  3. Chapters 21-29
  4. Chapters 30-38
  5. Chapters 39-47

Biology 1 for Health Science Majors -Course Schedule and Topics:

This course will cover the following topics in eight learning sessions, with one Unit per week. The Final Exam will take place during Week/Unit 9 (UoPeople time).


Week 1: Unit 1The Chemical Foundation of Life


Week 2: Unit 2 Biological Macromolecules


Week 3: Unit 3 Cell Structure and Membranes


Week 4: Unit 4 Metabolism


Week 5: Unit 5 Cell Communication and Reproduction


Week 6: Unit 6 Meiosis and Genetic Transmission


Week 7: Unit 7 DNA Encoding of Genetic Information


Week 8: Unit 8 Gene Expression and Molecular Biology


Week 9: Unit 9 Course Review and Final Exam