Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward began as a simple idea: for graduates of University of the People, when they are able, to commit a small amount to supporting scholarships for future UoPeople students. UoPeople alumni from all over the world responded by giving regular donations to the university so that others could benefit from the same opportunities they had.


But they weren’t the only ones.


Current students, instructors, volunteers, and friends of UoPeople all came out in support of Pay it Forward, and the university was able to welcome more students as a result.


Now we’re bringing the Pay it Forward Campaign to the next level.


With your help, UoPeople is becoming even more affordable, accessible, and high-quality than ever before.


By Paying it Forward, we are building a community that supports future generations of students as they accomplish their goals.


Together, we will change the world.

You can also pledge to Pay It Forward at a later date by clicking here.