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Many programs require a much higher CGPA for admission. Why doesn’t UoPeople?

UoPeople is based on the belief that education is a basic right for all qualified applicants, not just for a privileged few. The University works to open the gates of higher education to qualified students anywhere in the world, because everyone deserves a chance to improve their future. Therefore, no...
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Are undocumented students able to apply?

Yes, we welcome undocumented students. In fact, around 1/4 of our US students are undocumented. Higher education is the key to opening up doors for undocumented students. A lot of the undocumented students living in the US are young and driven but have no access to higher education, therefore they...
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Do you accept transfer credits on behalf of a military service/professional experiences?

UoPeople currently does not accept the following credits for transfer:

– Remedial Credits

– Experiential Credit

– Continuing Education Units

For more information, please visit our page about transferring credits to UoPeople.

Hello. I have just graduated from high school what are your Admissions requirements?

The requirements that must be met to apply for one of our undergraduate degrees are as follows:
Be 16 years old or older Be able to demonstrate high school completion Have English proficiency. Please click here to see the following admission requirements:

How do I gain admission?

To apply to UoPeople go to and complete the online application form. Then complete the process in the online portal. For further information and guidance visit our How To Apply page. To meet our admission requirements, applicants must: be 16 years old or older; be...
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What are the requirements to apply for the MBA program?

To apply for the MBA program, applicant’s must:
1. Have a Bachelor’s degree from a US accredited institution or an equivalent degree from an accredited international institution;
2. Two years of full-time work experience; and
3. Provide a letter of recommendation.
For more information, you can...
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What are “notarized copies”?

A notarized copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been certified as a true copy of the original. UoPeople requires that all copies of education credentials and their translations bear original notary stamps and signatures. Notary stamps can be issued by a notary public. Additionally, government institutions,...
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What are the application requirements?

To meet admission requirements, applicants must: be 16 years old or older, be able to demonstrate high school completion, and have English proficiency To apply for admissions consideration to UoPeople, applicants must complete an online application. For additional information, please visit our admissions requirements page.

Does the University accept a GED diploma?

Yes! University of the People welcomes all individuals who meet the admissions criteria to apply. A GED diploma is an acceptable document to send in for your application to be reviewed.

Do I need to speak English?

UoPeople’s online degree programs are American accredited and are taught in English, except for of our new programs in Arabic. Therefore, non-native English speakers who want to study in one of our English programs or courses must demonstrate that they meet the required level of proficiency in English before beginning...
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Is there a minimum score required to prove English proficiency?

Yes. Please view the following link to see the minimum scores required for each English Proficiency certificate accepted by UoPeople –


Will I get a 1098-T to file taxes?

University of the People is a non-profit, tuition-free university. Because of this, UoPeople does not participate in federal financial aid and, therefore, does not sign the 1098-T form.

Does University of the People have an age restriction?

One of the admissions requirements at UoPeople is that students must be 16 years or older. Please visit our General Admissions Requirements page to learn more.

What is the GPA requirement to be admitted into the University?

Applicants must prove high school completion through the submission of a high school diploma and transcripts. However, there is not a minimum GPA required to be accepted to University of the People. 

What do I need to provide if I was homeschooled?

University of the People welcomes all individuals who meet the admissions criteria to apply including homeschooled applicants. Homeschooled applicants must provide notarized/official proof of high school completion, be 16 years of age or older, and must meet the requirements for English language proficiency.
Additionally, homeschooled applicants who...
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Can I apply if I already have a college degree?

Yes, of course! We welcome all eligible individuals to study at UoPeople, including those who have already studied at the university level. If you have completed an Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate program, you may send your university diploma(s) and transcript(s) in place of a high school diploma and transcript.

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