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Does UoPeople have a diverse student body?

Yes! UoPeople is proud of its diverse student population. We have over 44,000 students from over 200 different countries and territories! This ensures that classes will have representation from a variety of cultures. The curriculum is enriched as students bring their local experiences to the learning environment.

Are there networking opportunities?

Networking is also an essential tool to building a successful career. UoPeople’s international community of students and faculty provides a global networking community. With students hailing from over 200 countries and faculty from top international universities, corporations and foundations, students can find people living and working in places that they...
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What is the learning model for University of the People?

University of the People offers high-quality, accredited degree programs, together with a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning with cutting-edge information technology and the Internet. Each student will be connected with a personal Program Advisor at the commencement of their studies, who will remain with them until...
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