The World’s First Tuition-Free, Online MBA is Here!

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We’re sure that you’ve already heard the big news – UoPeople have introduced the world’s first tuition-free, online MBA! We are so excited that we can now offer this incredible opportunity to all qualified applicants around the world, and open the gates to those who wish to advance in their career, change career paths, or simply gain vital business management knowledge and experience.

Let’s face it – many people have dreamed of earning an MBA, however the high cost has made it an impossible dream. An MBA costs $60,000 on average, which is an unrealistic price to pay for most, without taking out significant student loans. We are proud to offer the world’s most affordable, tuition-free, online MBA, costing just $2400 over a fifteen-month period.

Besides the low cost, another advantage of earning an online MBA at UoPeople is the flexibility. Students can study when it suits them, and work around career commitments, as long as weekly assignments are completed. Earning an MBA, whilst working a full-time job, is finally possible with our online MBA.

The MBA courses are nine weeks in length, and students may take up to three courses every term. The MBA can be completed in as little as fifteen months of full-time study. Students also have the option to enroll part-time, and take one course per term.

When people hear ‘low cost’ or ‘tuition-free’, some may think that it could impact on the quality of the degree. Absolutely not! Dr. Russell S. Winer, Professor of Marketing at the Stern School of Business, New York University (And UoPeople’s Dean of Business Administration) heads the MBA program and has personally contributed a course to the program. Other highly esteemed volunteers who have been involved in the production of the MBA include Dr. Gabriel Hawawini of INSEAD and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Stephan Chambers of Oxford University, and Dr. Alex Tuzhilin of NYU Stern School of Business. You know that when professors and deans from some of the most prestigious universities in the world give their stamp of approval, it means that our MBA is of the highest standards.

We have already received hundreds of applications, and can only imagine that the number will continue to rise, as more people discover this amazing opportunity.

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