Required Application Materials

All students are required to take Introductory (Foundations) Courses at the beginning of their studies at University of the People. Students are not required to submit any documentation in order to take these classes. The purpose of the Foundations Courses is to introduce students to the University’s way of learning.  These classes are not part of a degree-seeking program, and students taking these courses are not considered to be enrolled in the University. Upon the successful completion of these courses, students who meet all admissions requirements may enroll in the University and, in most cases, their Foundations scores will be counted as credits.


Required application materials are:

  1. High School Completion 
  2. English Proficiency


High School Completion or Equivalent

How do I prove high school completion? 

Submit a high school diploma or its functional equivalent.  

  • This requirement may be satisfied during your first term at UoPeople through the submission of: 
    1. An official diploma (or transcript showing graduation) sent directly to UoPeople (either mailed or submitted online); or 
    2. A photocopy of the original diploma (or transcript showing graduation) certified by a notary sent directly to UoPeople (either mailed or submitted online). 

A Foundations student who cannot provide proof of high school completion but has met all other admissions requirements may make a request to his or her Program Advisor to take an ATB test. The ATB test covers Verbal Skills (English) and Quantitative Skills (Math) and is taken online. Foundations students who pass the ATB test with a score of at least 200 on Verbal Skills and at least 210 on Quantitative Skills will fulfill the admissions requirement of high school completion equivalent and will be converted to Degree-Seeking-Student status. 


English Proficiency

Applicants who are non-native English speakers, or did not complete their high school education in an institution where the primary language of instruction is English, are required to provide proof of English proficiency. Should applicants be unable to provide proof of English proficiency, they will need to successfully complete a UoPeople English course before proceeding to UoPeople Foundations. UoPeople does not require a standardized entrance exam for admittance.


Sending Documents

For the quickest processing of your application materials, please upload these directly via the online self-services portal:

Documents that are not in the English language must be submitted along with an official notarized translation. The original, as well as the English version, must be sent to UoPeople.

UoPeople also accepts the following official post-secondary credentials for admissions consideration: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees.

It is important to verify that all the appropriate documents are included, as well as to be sure that you have copies of your personal records.

Please note that all submitted documents become the property of University of the People, and cannot be returned, due to university regulations.

Tips for Sending your Documents to the Office of Admissions

If applicants have any issues or questions regarding the required documents they need to send, they may contact their personal Admissions Advisor or the Office of Admissions.