English Proficiency

For Non-Native English Speakers


Required English Level at UoPeople

UoPeople’s online degree programs are American accredited and are taught in English. Therefore, non-native English speakers must demonstrate that they have a strong level of proficiency in English before beginning their degree program at UoPeople. This will enable students to successfully complete their studies of their higher education in English.


Note: Proof of English Proficiency is not a requirement for those wishing to study in Arabic. For more information about UoPeople degrees in Arabic, click here.


Native English speakers automatically meet this requirement and do not need to prove their English level. Additionally, students who graduated from an accredited English-speaking institution will automatically fulfill this requirement and do not need to demonstrate their English proficiency level.


Native English speakers and students who earned a diploma from an accredited English institution automatically fulfill this requirement and do not need to demonstrate English proficiency.


Demonstrating English Proficiency

If you are a non-native English speaker and previously completed high school or higher education in a different language, you will be automatically registered to study in our English Foundations course, English 0101. You will see if you need to take the English 0101 course after you complete the short application form and enter the UoPeople portal. If you disagree with this decision, you will be able to appeal it.


According to our accreditation guidelines and our academic requirements, you can do this in one of a few ways:


1) A diploma/transcript from an institution where English was the language of instruction

  • The language in which you studied must be clearly listed on the document, or
  • The document must be accompanied by a letter from the institution confirming that your education was based in English.


2) A transcript showing that you completed at least 30 semester hours worth of credit at an English-speaking college or university.

  • Undergraduate Programs Requirements: Average grades equivalent to a C or above
  • Graduate Programs Requirements: Average grades equivalent to a B or above


3) You meet one of the qualifications in the table below:

* To submit your TOEFL scores to UoPeople, use our school code: 4577


Please note that UoPeople accepts the Academic IELTS qualification. Tests must have been taken within the last 5 years.


Don’t worry – Your Admissions Advisor can also help you in this step.



Timeline and Procedure

Once you apply, you will have the option to appeal this English decision and submit documents to prove your English proficiency and skip the English Foundations course.  This is how it will work:


  1. After you have submitted your short online application, login to the UoPeople Portal. After confirming your personal details, you will be asked whether you want to appeal the English decision. Don’t worry if you do not see this question, it means you have not been automatically registered to take this course.
  2. If you chose to appeal, you will then be able to submit your documents to the UoPeople Portal.
  3. Submit one of the following documents in the UoPeople Portal as detailed above.
  4. Once you have submitted your documents, the team at UoPeople will review and evaluate your request, usually within 48 hours. You will be notified of the decision regarding your request via the UoPeople Portal and email.


What If I Don’t Meet The English Proficiency Requirements?


If you do not have one of the above English proficiency qualifications, or you have been considered for provisional admission as a non-degree student, you will take UoPeople’s English Composition 1 course, English 0101, to further develop your English reading and writing skills as a foundation for your academic studies at UoPeople. Students must successfully complete this course before taking moving onto UoPeople Foundations Courses.


Want to start preparing? Get ready with our “English Composition 1″ learning material guide.


Still Have Questions?

  • If you have additional questions regarding our English proficiency requirements or the qualifications we accept, please contact your personal Admissions Advisor.
  • Go to our FAQ page or chat with our bot, Michelle.


For more information:

Download the Non-English Speakers Guide to American University