English Proficiency


Required English Level at UoPeople

Our online degree programs are American accredited and taught in English. As such, non-native English speakers must demonstrate that they have a strong understanding of English before beginning their studies UoPeople.


How do I know if I meet the English Requirements?


Am I Proficient in English?


Native English speakers and students who earned a diploma from an accredited English institution automatically fulfill this requirement and do not need to demonstrate English proficiency.


How Do I Show Proof of English Proficiency?


English Appeal Process


You may show proof of English proficiency during the English Appeal Process by submitting:


1) A diploma/transcript from an institution where English was the language of instruction 

    • The language of instruction must be clearly listed on the document, or
    • The document must be accompanied by a letter from the institution confirming that the language of instruction was English


2) A transcript showing that you completed at least 30 semester hours of credit at an English-speaking college or university.


    • Average grades equivalent to a C or above required for undergraduate program
    • Average grades equivalent to a B or above required for graduate program


3) You meet one of the qualifications in the table below:


* To submit your TOEFL scores to UoPeople, use our school code: 4577

Please note that UoPeople accepts the Academic IELTS qualification.


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What If I Don’t Meet The English Proficiency Requirements?

English Composition 1


If you do not have one of the above English proficiency qualifications, you may take UoPeople’s English Composition 1 course. Students must successfully complete this course before taking UoPeople Foundations Courses.


What to start preparing? Get ready with our “English Composition 1″ Learning material guide.


FAQ: English Proficiency


What Qualifies as an Accredited English Institution?


An institution must be accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or an accepted foreign equivalent that is listed in the International Handbook of Universities where the language of instruction was English.


What should I do if my diploma/transcripts are not in English?


Diplomas and transcripts that are not in English should be submitted together with an official notarized translation. This means that UoPeople must receive both a certified/notarized copy of your diploma(s) and transcript(s) in their original language, and notarized translations for each document. Notarization will only be accepted from an official member of NACES or AICE


Does UoPeople Accept a GED?


Yes.  Applicants may submit their GED certificate to meet the high school completion equivalent requirement.


Can I submit multiple transcripts?


Yes.  Please submit all transcripts in your application.


Still Have Questions?

If you have additional questions regarding our English proficiency requirements or the qualifications we accept, please contact your personal Admissions Advisor (for current applicants) or the Office of Admissions at [email protected]. Please remember to include your Applicant ID in any and all emails to UoPeople.


For more information:

Download the Non-English Speakers Guide to American University