Fee Update – President’s Note


University of the People was founded on the belief that access to higher education is a basic human right. As such, UoPeople is designed to help any qualified high school graduates overcome financial, geographic, political, and personal constraints keeping them from collegiate studies. UoPeople’s unique tuition-free higher education model has removed almost all of the costs so students from around the world can attend an accredited American university. Over the past 10 years UoPeople has charged minimal fees to enable it to provide low-cost, affordable and excellent education to its students.  


We are so proud that every term we welcome more and more students from around the globe who choose to get their degree with us. As UoPeople continues to grow, and inflation continues to rise, our ability to absorb increasing running costs has become more and more challenging. We continue to do our utmost to provide scholarships and assistance to students who cannot afford our minimal fees. However, in order to continue to provide excellent quality education to increasing numbers of students, UoPeople has had to make the very difficult decision to update its fees beginning T2-AY2021 (November 2020).  


UoPeople has never, and will never, charge students to enroll, nor to pay for textbooks or other costly course materials. Students are only asked to pay a minimal assessment fee at the end of each course. Starting from T2-AY2021 (November 2020) all new students only will be required to pay an assessment fee per course of $120 for undergraduate level courses and $240 for graduate level courses. While we did not make this decision lightly, we are still honored to be the most cost-effective high-quality, accredited, U.S. university.  


If you are a current student with us, do not worry. We are delighted to say that all current students, from all courses and programs, and students that join prior to this date will continue to pay the current fees without any increase. This means that these students will continue to enjoy the current fees, of $100 for undergraduate level courses and $200 for graduate level courses for their entire studies. This includes students who will start their studies this coming September.  Therefore, in order to lock-in the current fees before they change in November, applicants must save their spot by August 22, 2020. 


It is the University’s belief that everyone deserves the right to an education, and that no one should be left behind due to financial constraints. It is the University’s mission to provide affordable, tuition-free higher education that is accessible to all, anytime, anywhere.  


UoPeople will continue to work tirelessly to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford the nominal fees of the University. For any questions or concerns, please contact us