Technology Requirements - Associate’s Degree in Health Science

Technology Requirements

To complete a degree program at University of the People, students will need to have consistent access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. If students are working on a computer that is not their personal computer and are unable to save documents, it's important also to obtain an external drive. Because there are no mandatory video materials for University of the People courses, this drive can be a simple USB drive. 


Most of the learning materials that students will be dealing with in their UoPeople courses are compatible with Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office. Our learning platform, Moodle, can be accessed by the latest versions of IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome, but we recommend that students use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Note also that although working through a mobile device is not recommended, it is an option. There is no need to purchase software to study at University of the People. Adobe PDF Reader can be downloaded for free by following this link.


Students do not need to purchase Microsoft Office. Office 365, a subscription service offering Microsoft Office suite software – and so much more - is given to all UoPeople students without additional cost.


Note that whatever system students choose to use, all files shared with course Instructors and classmates must be saved in either Microsoft-compatible formats or PDF format.