Dr. Audra M. Watson – Dean, Education

Audra M. Watson is the Director of WW Teaching Fellowships at the Institute for Citizens and Scholars. She supports campus-based secondary STEM teacher preparation programs across six states. She previously held instructional and leadership roles at the NYCDOE.  Audra has a master’s degree from Columbia Teachers College and a doctorate from the CUNY Graduate Center.


Dr. Audra M. Watson is the Director of Teaching Fellowships at the Institute for Citizens & Scholars based in Princeton, NJ. She is responsible for: working with university partners as they create or re-design secondary STEM Teacher preparation programs; facilitating robust and effective mentoring, induction, and coaching support of Teaching Fellows; and assessing and maintaining program quality.  Programs include six state-based STEM programs. Audra was also the Director of the WW-RBF Program for Aspiring Teachers of Color which recruited, prepared, and supported underrepresented minorities to become K-12 public school teachers.


Audra was a nineteen-year veteran of the NYC Department of Education, serving in multiple instructional leadership positions. Prior to leaving the NYCDOE, she was the Executive Director of Teacher Development where she planned and executed strategy for the development of pre-service and early-career teachers citywide.  Chief among her responsibilities was oversight of the citywide Lead Teacher program, supervision of the citywide Lead Instructional Mentors, and creation of the Teacher Development Toolkit, a web-based resource for teachers aligned to Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and the Professional Teaching Standards (PTS).


Dr. Watson received her master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, and her doctorate from the CUNY Graduate Center. (197 words)