David M. Thomas

Currently a member and Chair of the High School Department of History at Trevor Day School, teaching junior/senior electives in European History, History of China, and Digital Inquiry.


Over the last eight years he has developed courses in European History, the Dutch Golden Age, the History of China, Digital Inquiry, and a short course in Historiography.  Prior to beginning his teaching career in the fall of 2009, he worked on Wall Street for over 32 years first in private placements, then in financial restructuring at Lehman Brothers, followed by time at AEA Investors in private equity and finally with a partner from AEA at the Leitner Thomas Group.  He has served on the boards of two independent schools, one arts organization and a non-profit established to help economically disadvantaged students of color succeed in independent schools.  During his financial career he served on many boards of both public and private entities.