Dr. Mihai Nadin

University of Texas

“A concept’s relevance is ultimately tested in what we do with it. The university of the future can only be the University of the People.”


Professor Dr. Mihai Nadin made a name for himself as one of the first proponents of integrating computers into the U.S. education system. Dr. Nadin has served as Endowed Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas since 2004, and he is also the founder and director of ant Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems.


Dr. Nadin’s expertise in digital technology and career as a university professor quickly led him to recognize the possibilities that the digital realm holds for education. Since 1981, he has lectured and published on the “university of the future” (past the brick-and-mortar medieval model), that the Internet, as a locus of interaction, would make possible. His other areas of expertise include mind, cognition, visualization, various aspects of human-computer and human-technology interaction, and anticipation. Major publications in this respect include Mind—Anticipation and Chaos (1991), The Civilization of Illiteracy (1998) and Anticipation-The End is Where We Start from (2004).


The first Eminent Scholar in Art & Design Technology, at Ohio State University, Dr. Nadin went on to found the first Program in Computational Design at University of Wuppertal, Germany. Dr. Nadin taught and mentored students at Brown University, Stanford University, the Rhode Island School of Design and University of California at Berkeley; he also provided consulting to universities in the USA, Europe and Asia. Dr. Nadin holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a post-doctoral degree in Philosophy, Logic and the Theory of Science.