Curriculum – Certificate in Strategy





Individual courses are the building blocks of each certificate program. Course requirements for the Strategy Certificate are structured to ensure that student study encompasses a broad range of topics and approaches, with an appropriate balance maintained to enhance career skills and knowledge.    


The Strategy Certificate is a 9-credit program establishing that the student has mastered the basic fundamentals of strategy. 

This course provides an examination and analysis of multinational management functions and processes including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling across cultures and borders in globally diverse environments and organizations. Topics include cross-cultural strategic planning, leadership, and human resource management. 


Credits: 3 

This course explores the inter-relationships between business and society, including the tensions between various stakeholders and the growing pressures to approach business with corporate responsibility and sustainability as primary underlying influences. With rapidly changing technology and globalization, we must strategize our business decisions with far greater insight and conscientiousness than ever before. This course examines business and society relationships from various global perspectives, including developing countries and societies, and different cultural norms and beliefs. It provides students with insights into the issues surrounding business from both macro and micro level perspectives. 


Credits: 3 

This course explores the relationships between organizations and their environments from a corporate policy perspective. Topics to be discussed include organizational structure and development, competition analysis, long and short-range planning, creating mission and vision statements, implementing goals, performance indicators and evaluation. 


Credits: 3