Learning Theory – EDUC 5210:
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Learn: Learning Theory

Course Overview

This course will examine the major theories and models for understanding how students learn.  Attention will be given to the cognitive, affective and sensory/psychomotor domains and implications for learning through differing modalities.  Contributions of neuroscience to understanding adolescent research are explored, and structural barriers to learning such as stereotype threat are discussed.  Students will gain insights into the interplay of learner characteristics, prior experiences, the medium of instruction, and cultural influences and understand that learning is contextual, with no single theory universally applying to every student in every situation.


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Learning Theory – Course Schedule and Topics:

This course will cover the following topics in eight learning sessions, with one Unit per week.


Week 1: Unit 1 – Learning and Teaching in the Classroom


Week 2: Unit 2 – Behaviorism and the Information Processing Model in Classroom Practices


Week 3: Unit 3 – Observational, Social Learning, & Constructionism in the Classroom


Week 4: Unit 4 – Domains of Learning


Week 5: Unit 5 – The Adolescent Brain and Neuroscience


Week 6: Unit 6 – Barriers to Learning


Week 7: Unit 7 – Understanding Learner Characteristics


Week 8: Unit 8 – Multiple Approaches to Curriculum Design