Financial Management – BUS 5111:
Learning Materials

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Learn Financial Management

Course Overview

Managers play a key role in resource generation and allocation and must be conversant with external economic influences and their relationship to the types of financial decisions made by organizations. The course will provide students with an understanding of the components of an organizations internal financial conditions and how decision makers manage these resources in the context of external markets and institutions.


Preparation Resources

  • Accounting for Managers, K. Heisinger & J.B. Hoyle . Available for reading online at

  • Finance for Managers (2015). Available for reading online at

  • Strategic Financial Management, A. Hill (2008), Available for reading online at


Financial Management – BUS 5111 -Course Schedule and Topics:


Week 1: Unit 1– Accounting Review, Corporate Structure, and Bankruptcy Issues


Week 2: Unit 2– Cash Flows and Discount Cash Flow Analysis


Week 3: Unit 3– Capital Budgets


Week 4: Unit 4– Investor Yields: Equities and Fixed Income (with tax shield effect)


Week 5: Unit 5– Methods of Computing Company Valuations


Week 6: Unit 6- Mergers, Buy-outs, and the Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process


Week 7: Unit 7– Cost of Capital: Weighted Cost of Capital (WACC) and the Impact on New Capital Infusions


Week 8: Unit 8– Course Wrap-Up and Reflection