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If I get a computer science degree from uopeople, Can I use it to apply to graduate school in the US?

Like other universities, UoPeople cannot guarantee that its students or their credits will be accepted by other academic institutions, since this is determined by each institution individually. If you are looking to transfer credits earned at UoPeople to another institution, students should consult and verify with the receiving institution regarding the transferability of UoPeople credits.


However, UoPeople accreditation, academic partnerships with NYU, Edinburgh and Berkeley, together with the support of our academic partners and leadership – hailing from such universities as Yale University, University of Oxford, Columbia University, and more – we feel certain that UoPeople students will be able to go far with their degrees.


It may help to know that many of our students and graduates have gone on to continue their education at universities around the world, including NYU, MIT, the University of Auckland (New Zealand), UC Berkeley (USA), the University of Nairobi (Kenya), Carnegie Mellon University (Australia), University of Newcastle (Australia), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and many more.


University of the People offers the following eight degrees: Associate and Bachelor degrees in Computer Science; Associate, Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration; Associate and Bachelor degrees in Health Science; and a Master degree in Education.