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How does the educational model of UoPeople differ from the MOOCs?

What is a MOOC? A MOOC is defined as a massive open online course which aims to obtain hundreds of thousands of students in mass-classrooms to provide knowledge to significant numbers of people in an open way. Many UoPeople students have no other access to higher education; whereas approximately 80% of MOOC students already have a BA and about 40% have advanced degrees.

UoPeople offers full student support services and academic advising, similar to that found in any other university. Additionally, UoPeople in its commitment to democratize higher education, limits the use of audio or video so that students with low internet bandwidth are able to access the courses as well.

MOOCS do not currently offer the opportunity to earn a full associate or bachelor degree, something which is an important part of UoPeople’s educational model and its mission to open the gates of higher education globally. UoPeople offers eight fully structured degree programs complete with Arts & Science courses to complement chosen programs of focus, while MOOCs are stand-alone courses that are sporadically selected by students.