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How do I register a proctor?

Once a student has registered for a course with a proctored exam, they will need to click on the “add a proctor” link, which is located next to the course the student has registered for. This link will allow the student to input all proctor details. Once this is done the proctor will receive an email from Student Services asking them to confirm their willingness to be a proctor for the student.


If you are having difficulties finding an offline proctor (exam monitor), you will be able to use an online alternative. ProctorU services is an Online Proctoring center that enables you to take your proctored exams at home and online. If you have a webcam and a reliable high-speed internet connection, you can take your exams anywhere. To learn more about all the relevant details, including technical requirements and costs, please visit the ProctorU website. If you intend on using ProctorU services, please make sure to sign up and create an account.


For more information, please contact your advisor.