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Where can I get more information about the Computer Science program offered at UoPeople?

You can read more about the Computer Science degree programs here.


University of the People offers high-quality degree programs, together with a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning with cutting-edge information technology and the Internet. The Computer Science Program provides an appreciation of the foundations of computation, an understanding of the structure of programming languages, the skills to put these concepts and technologies into practice, and the know-how to utilize hardware to its fullest potential. The Computer Science team is led by Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin – Professor of Information Systems at the New York University (NYU) and Chair of the Department of Information, Operations and Management Sciences at Stern School of Business. Additionally, some of the best educators in the world have joined UoPeople to help make education accessible and affordable. The curriculum itself is supported by scholars who are experts in the field of computer science.


Computer Science applicants will be asked to demonstrate that they possess the pre-requisite level of experience in mathematics or computer science that will be needed to succeed in the program.


The UoPeople small online classroom setting (20-30 people) allows for a community of supportive collective peer thinkers and teachers. Instructors provide full support, while creating a community for students to work cooperatively and assist one another. In our online learning community, students share resources, exchange ideas and discuss weekly topics. Students are graded on learning journals, quizzes and final exams. Moreover, because University of the People classes take place online, students can learn wherever and whenever Internet connection is available. This means you will have the opportunity to study according to your schedule! Our dedicated Course Instructors are also always available to answer questions when needed.


The total approximate costs to earn a degree at UoPeople are the following:

Associate Degree: $2,460

Bachelor’s Degree: $4,860


For more information, contact your personal advisor. Contact your advisor for further information! Not sure who your advisor is? Email