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Am I required to attend my courses at a special date or time?

University of the People offers high-quality, accredited degree programs, together with a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning with cutting-edge information technology and the Internet.


The UoPeople small online classroom setting (20-30 people) allows for a community of supportive collective peer thinkers and teachers. Each course is divided into units called Learning Weeks. While it is vital that all work for each week must be completed within that same week, it is not critical when the work will be done during the week. This is because, at UoPeople, there are no set times for lectures, discussions or any other activities.


Instructors provide full support, while creating a community for students to work cooperatively and assist one another. In our online learning community, students share resources, exchange ideas and discuss weekly topics. Students are graded on learning journals, quizzes and final exams. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to study according to your schedule and our Course Instructors are always available to answer questions when needed.


We are proud to have students studying with us from all corners of the globe and within every time zone – our course format is an explicit acknowledgement of that fact. So feel free to attend to your coursework at a time that works best for you given both your timezone and your particular circumstances. Just be sure to complete all work within the given Learning Week.