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Does UoPeople have a diverse student body?

UoPeople admits students from around the globe.  This ensures that classes will have representation from many different cultures.  It broadens horizons and enriches the curriculum as students bring their local experiences to the conversation about teaching around the world.

Are there networking opportunities?

Networking is also an essential tool to building a successful career. UoPeople’s international community of students and faculty provides a global networking community. With students hailing from over 200 countries and faculty from top international universities, corporations and foundations, students can find people living and working in places that they...
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What is the learning model for University of the People and who are the students?

University of the People offers a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning, with information technologies and the internet. Within online study communities, students share resources, exchange ideas, discuss weekly topics, submit assignments and take exams. The curriculum itself is supported by respected scholars.   A community of...
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What kind of job can I get with a degree bachelors degree in health science?

The Bachelor's Degree program in Health Sciences is focused on public and community health, environmental protection, preventative community health initiatives, and emergency response. The degree prepares students to work in advocacy, education and organization. The course of study also includes a number of general education courses included to lay an...
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Can I work after graduating from UoPeople?

UoPeople graduates are working in very highly renowned companies around the world after graduating with a UoPeople degree. Many of our graduates decide to take the skills and knowledge they acquire in their degree program, and start their own businesses. Additionally, many of our students have reported promotions and career advancement upon...
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What internships are offered?

University of the People provides access to a number of different internship opportunities offered by internationally recognized corporations and organizations, and are available exclusively to University of the People students. To learn more about internships click here:

Will I get a diploma when I finish my UoPeople degree?

Yes, once a student successfully satisfies all requirements of a program, University of the People will issue an official UoPeople Certificate of Completion and transcripts stating that a student has successfully completed his/her program, with the final grades for each course taken.
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Exams & Courses

How many hours per week should students expect to devote to their coursework?

A student should expect to spend at least 15-17 hours per week on each course. This includes readings, research work, writing, project work, etc.

Hello, I do not know the quiz password for the final exam.

Please contact: [email protected]

How is UoPeople’s academic year organized?

UoPeople’s academic year runs from September 1 through August 31. There are five terms in the academic year. Each term is nine weeks in length, and there are one or two weeks between terms. Term 1 begins the first week of September. Term 5 ends in the middle of August....
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I e-mailed my instructor and never got a response, what shall I do?

All students have the right to expect a timely response from their instructors. If you have e-mailed an instructor and have not heard back, please feel free to e-mail your Program Advisor. 

Can I study part-time?

Degree Seeking Students may choose to be part-time students taking 1 course per term, or full-time students taking 2-3 courses per term.   Students must complete all requirements for the Associate’s degree in no more than 25 terms of  active enrollment excluding any periods of separation from the University.    Students must...
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What is my first step as a student?

Before the first term begins each new student is assigned a designated username and password to log into the University of the People online platform and courses. All new students are registered for their first term courses by the Office of Student Services. You will automatically be enrolled in the...
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What steps do I take when I am about to complete the program?

Students in their final term of study complete and submit the Graduation Application. The Office of Student Services does a graduation audit and notifies the student of his/her readiness for graduation.

What is the grading system? Do you base the grading on GPA 4.0 ?

At the end of each course, a letter grade will be given by the Course Instructor for the course, based on the student’s performance. All course credits where a letter grade is issued are factored into a student’s term and cumulative GPA. For additional information on our grading system please visit...
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How can I check my grades during the term?

You may review your grades in the UoPeople online learning platform, Moodle, throughout each term.

How are the final grades calculated?

University of the People has a grading scale which may be viewed in our Catalog . However each course has it's own syllabus detailing the specifics of how said course will be graded, including the weight of each assignment, quiz, and exam.

How can I appeal my grade?

Students who believe they have been graded unfairly may appeal their final course grades. Students appealing a grade should note that the burden of proof in challenging a grade rests with the student. For a change in grade to be recommended, a student must make a compelling case that the...
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