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Learning Model

How does the educational model of UoPeople differ from the MOOCs?

What is a MOOC? A MOOC is defined as a massive open online course which aims to obtain hundreds of thousands of students in mass-classrooms to provide knowledge to significant numbers of people in an open way. Many UoPeople students have no other access to higher education; whereas approximately 80%...
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What kinds of research resources does UoPeople have?

UoPeople offers its students access to library resources through the Library Information and Resources Network (LIRN).


These resources support the research, writing and homework needs of its students. With a simple query, students are put in touch with an experienced librarian who can help them navigate the array of...
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How does University of the People promote its students’ success?

The learning model includes lessons, classes, discussions, readings, assignments and exams like any university. Due to University of the People’s online learning model, students have the opportunity to choose their location and hours of study. Still, in order to ensure academic success, there are several tools that ensure their commitment,...
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When can I start studying?

University of the People accepts applications on a rolling basis. UoPeople has five academic terms yearly, and students are invited to begin their studies in any one of these five terms.


For details on the start date for the UoPeople academic terms, as well as the corresponding admissions cut-off...
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How long is a course term?

The course term is 10 weeks long, including 9 learning weeks and 1 week exam period.  
In total there are 5 terms a year, below you can find a detailed academic calendar: 

How is a course conducted?

University of the People offers a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning with information technologies and the internet. Taken together, this creates an affordable opportunity for universal access to quality higher education with an innovative pedagogical model.

Peer-based learning is a collaborative approach that encourages deep reflection...
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How long does it take to complete a degree?

Full time students who are enrolled year round are able to complete an Associates degree in two years, and a Bachelors degree in four years. As a full time student, you would be able to complete a Master of Education degree in 17 months (5 terms), MBA in 14 months (4 terms)....
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How long does it take to complete the program?

Full-time Degree Seeking students may enroll in up to 2-3 courses per term, and part-time Degree Seeking Students may enroll in 1 course per term. Students must complete all requirements for the Associate’s Degree in no more than 25 terms of active enrollment, excluding any periods of separation from the University;...
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How many credits do I need to finish my degree?

In order to complete an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration & Computer Science, you will be required to complete 60 approved credits. In order to complete an Associate’s Degree in Health Science, you will be required to complete 62 approved credits. 

In order to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business...
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How many hours do I need to dedicate to studying each week?

University of the People classes take place online, so students can learn wherever and whenever Internet connection is available. Whether you have a fast connection or a slow one, students receive the same lesson. All materials, including the lessons, are online texts.

To allow even more people to participate,...
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Can I complete my degree in under 4 years?

Yes, but only if the student maintains a minimum 3.00 CGPA and is therefore eligible to take 3 courses each and every term. For these students, it is possible to complete a Bachelor’s Degree at UoPeople in less than 4 years.

Where does the study take place?

UoPeople offers comprehensive online learning, which can be accessed via any internet connection from anywhere in the world. This platform provides students with instruction by some of the top university lecturers worldwide. Online learning enables students greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to studying and completing coursework, and encourages innovative,...
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What is the learning model for University of the People?

University of the People offers high-quality, accredited degree programs, together with a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning with cutting-edge information technology and the Internet. Each student will be connected with a personal Program Advisor at the commencement of their studies, who will remain with them until...
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Do you offer degree programs?

University of the People offers the following six degrees: Associate (2 years) and Bachelor (4 years) degrees in Computer Science, Associate and Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Associate and Bachelor degrees in Health Science. In addition, we offer Master’s degrees in Business (MBA) and Education (M.Ed.). 

For more specific...
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