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What steps do I take when I am about to complete the program?

Students in their final term of study complete and submit the Graduation Application. The Office of Student Services does a graduation audit and notifies the student of his/her readiness for graduation.

What is the grading system? Do you base the grading on GPA 4.0 ?

At the end of each course, a letter grade will be given by the Course Instructor for the course, based on the student’s performance. All course credits where a letter grade is issued are factored into a student’s term and cumulative GPA.

For additional information on our grading system please visit...
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How can I check my grades during the term?

You may review your grades in the UoPeople online learning platform, Moodle, throughout each term.

How are the final grades calculated?

University of the People has a grading scale which may be viewed in our Catalog . However each course has it’s own syllabus detailing the specifics of how said course will be graded, including the weight of each assignment, quiz, and exam.

How can I appeal my grade?

Students requesting a grade change are encouraged to speak with their course instructor. If after communicating with the instructor a student is unable to reach a resolution, the student may request a Grade Appeal form from their personal program advisor. You can read more about grade appeals in the ...
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