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Exams & Courses

How many hours per week should students expect to devote to their coursework?

A student should expect to spend at least 15-17 hours per week on each course. This includes readings, research work, writing, project work, etc.

Hello, I do not know the quiz password for the final exam.

Please contact: [email protected]

How is UoPeople’s academic year organized?

UoPeople’s academic year runs from September 1 through August 31. There are five terms in the academic year. Each term is nine weeks in length, and there are one or two weeks between terms. Term 1 begins the first week of September. Term 5 ends in the middle of August.

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I e-mailed my instructor and never got a response, what shall I do?

All students have the right to expect a timely response from their instructors. If you have e-mailed an instructor and have not heard back, please feel free to e-mail your Program Advisor. 

Can I study part-time?

Degree Seeking Students may choose to be part-time students taking 1 course per term, or full-time students taking 2-3 courses per term.
Students must complete all requirements for the Associate’s degree in no more than 25 terms of 
active enrollment excluding any periods of separation from the University. ...
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What is my first step as a student?

Before the first term begins each new student is assigned a designated username and password to log into the University of the People online platform and courses. All new students are registered for their first term courses by the Office of Student Services.

You will automatically be enrolled in...
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What is the maximum number of courses per term I can take for UoPeople degrees?

University of the People allows students to take a maximum of 3 courses per term as a full-time student. As a part-time student, you may take between 1-2 courses per term. 
For more information:

When can I start studying?

University of the People accepts applications on a rolling basis. UoPeople has five academic terms yearly, and students are invited to begin their studies in any one of these five terms.


For details on the start date for the UoPeople academic terms, as well as the corresponding admissions cut-off...
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What is an elective course?

Electives enable students to select coursework tailored to personal interests and offer the opportunity to acquire breadth beyond that specified in General Education requirements, select introductory courses in other majors, and take additional courses in a student’s major that may not be required for the degree.

With the appropriate...
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Am I required to attend my courses at a special date or time?

At UoPeople, there are no set times for lectures, discussions, or any other activities. However, each course is divided up into units we call Learning Weeks. It is critical that all work for each week be completed within that week. However, it is NOT necessary to do it at any...
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Is there a minimum amount of classes I can take at a time?

Please note that you can take a minimum of 1 course and a maximum of 3 courses per term.
You can also apply for a leave of absence for up to 2 terms at once, if you need some time off your studies. 

What happens if a student fails a course?

If students fail a course, they are permitted to retake that course.

How do I take exams?

All exams are administered through our online education platform, Moodle. You may review your exams and courses in your student account on Moodle.

How long is a course term?

The course term is 10 weeks long, including 9 learning weeks and 1 week exam period.  
In total there are 5 terms a year, below you can find a detailed academic calendar: 

How is a course conducted?

University of the People offers a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning with information technologies and the internet. Taken together, this creates an affordable opportunity for universal access to quality higher education with an innovative pedagogical model.

Peer-based learning is a collaborative approach that encourages deep reflection...
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What are the classes like?

Yes, all our courses and examinations are done online-only.
You may visit the website below and use the username ‘student’ and password ‘moodle’ (user name and password is without the quotation sign) to login to get a feel of what our virtual learning platform looks like.
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When will I be able to add a course, when the “add course” option tells me it’s not yet the registration period?

Please look at the Academic Calendar to see when the registration period starts. If it is your first term, Student Services will register you. If it is not, you should refer to the email that was sent to you with your specific dates to register.
Please contact your Personal...
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How do I view lectures and material?

All lectures and learning materials are provided online. You may access these materials through your Moodle account.

Are there any pre-requisite courses to take for the MBA?

All UoPeople students are required to complete the UoPeople Foundations program in order to to become a Degree Seeking Student. The Foundations requirements are as follows:

To be considered for admission to a Graduate Degree Program, students must enroll in a minimum of three (3) and up to four (4) courses...
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How many exams are there in total?

In order to complete an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science, you will be required to pass 20 courses.

Similarly, in order to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Science, you will be required to pass 40 courses. For Health Science, you will...
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Are the exams at UoPeople open book exams?

At the present, all exams are administered online and some may require a proctor (exam monitor). UoPeople exams are timed and it is recommended that students prepare for them in advance. 
University of the People students are required to successfully complete an appropriate number of proctored exams spaced throughout...
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Will I need to take general education courses?

Each of the six undergraduate degree programs offered by University of the People requires completion a certain number of courses in the relevant major as well as general education courses. A comprehensive list can be found in our University Catalog  

What are the courses under Arts & Science?

Arts & Science courses are intended to add both depth and breadth to each student’s overall educational experience by providing opportunities to make interdisciplinary connections between concepts and ideas, as well as an environment to contemplate their meaning and significance.

Mastering the basic tenets of a liberal arts education, students...
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I’m having trouble registering for a course or adding a course, how can I do it?

If it is your first term, Student Services will register you. If it is not your first term, please check the email that was sent to you with your specific dates to register.
Please contact your Personal Advisor for more information.

How do I drop or withdraw from a course?

Students who do not wish to participate in courses must communicate with the University in order to drop or withdraw from a course. Failure to request a drop or withdrawal from a course will result in the student’s continued enrollment in the course even if no further work is done...
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When are the registration deadlines for the programs?

University of the People accepts applications at 5 times throughout the year. You can view the academic calendar to see the upcoming admissions cut-off date:

If I register today, when will my first term starts?

When you are accepted, you will be enrolled for the upcoming academic term.
 For details regarding when your term starts, as well as other important academic dates please visit:  

Can I take only part of the course?

At this time, UoPeople is unable to offer individual courses and students must take the programs in full. UoPeople offers Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science; Master degree programs in Business Administration, and Education in Advanced Teaching.
To learn more about our degree...
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Where does the study take place?

UoPeople offers comprehensive online learning, which can be accessed via any internet connection from anywhere in the world. This platform provides students with instruction by some of the top university lecturers worldwide. Online learning enables students greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to studying and completing coursework, and encourages innovative,...
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Will I travel if I am a student?

University of the People is an American accredited, online university. All of its studies are entirely online. You can access all of the online course from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection.

When will course registration be open?

To see when course registration will be open, please check our Academic Calendar at the following link: