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English Proficiency

Can I send another exam besides IELTS or TOEFL to prove English proficiency?

Yes you may! To view the English proficiency certificates that are accepted by UoPeople, please access the following link – 

Should you have any further questions regarding English proficiency qualifications, please email the Office of Admissions at:

What are Foundations English and MBA Foundations English?

Both Foundations English and Graduate Foundations English provide qualified students who do not hold an English Proficiency qualification, or achieved less than the minimum score required, with the opportunity to demonstrate the level of English required for successful academic study.

As a Foundations English or Graduate Foundations English student,...
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Is an English Proficiency document required?

Not necessarily! If you want to study your degree in one of our English programs but are not able to provide one of the above English proficiency qualifications, you can start your learning journey with UoPeople’s English Composition 1 course. In this case, you will be required to successfully complete...
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Do I need to speak English?

UoPeople’s online degree programs are American accredited and are taught in English, except for of our new programs in Arabic. Therefore, non-native English speakers who want to study in one of our English programs or courses must demonstrate that they meet the required level of proficiency in English before beginning...
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Is there a minimum score required to prove English proficiency?

Yes. Please view the following link to see the minimum scores required for each English Proficiency certificate accepted by UoPeople –