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What kind of job can I get with a degree bachelors degree in health science?

The Bachelor’s Degree program in Health Sciences is focused on public and community health, environmental protection, preventative community health initiatives, and emergency response. The degree prepares students to work in advocacy, education and organization. The course of study also includes a number of general education courses included to lay an...
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Can I work after graduating from UoPeople?

UoPeople graduates are working in very highly renowned companies around the world after graduating with a UoPeople degree. Many of our graduates decide to take the skills and knowledge they acquire in their degree program, and start their own businesses. Additionally, many of our students have reported promotions and career advancement upon...
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What internships are offered?

University of the People provides access to a number of different internship opportunities offered by internationally recognized corporations and organizations, and are available exclusively to University of the People students.
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Will I get a diploma when I finish my UoPeople degree?

Yes, once a student successfully satisfies all requirements of a program, University of the People will issue an official UoPeople Certificate of Completion and transcripts stating that a student has successfully completed his/her program, with the final grades for each course taken.